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Jewelry Ideas After Cremation

After your loved one passes away and the cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, are scheduled, it’s not unusual to experience many emotions as you adjust to life without the person. Finding a way to get through the experience after they are gone can be essential and carrying them with you can be done with jewelry. There are many excellent choices available on the market, so here are just a few to choose from to find the right one.


Depending on the level of extravagance that you want to go with the jewelry piece, you might consider a heart-shaped locket. These can be etched and come in various materials and be adorned with gems like diamonds if you so choose. The space inside the locket will traditionally hold a small amount of the ashes or even a lock of hair, depending on what you want to carry.


Some companies specialize in cremation bracelets. The piece will have an adjustable rope to fit any size wrist, are waterproof and incredibly durable, and come with a space to hold the individual’s remains.


The rings will vary, and one popular option is a compass ring. These are designed to hold a small portion of the ashes of your loved one in a waterproof section. They also have rings where the ashes have been incorporated into a diamond that is then mounted onto the piece of jewelry.

Urn Necklace

There are several different kinds of urn necklaces available on the market, and one popular option is the hourglass shape. These are known for being high quality and stylish, and they come with an option to unscrew the top where the ashes can be added to the piece. The urn-style necklaces can also be engraved to adorn a personalized message about the loved one.


Pendants or charms can also be another great option because they come in multiple shapes and sizes, like teardrops or moons and stars. The only limit to creating an exceptional pendant is your imagination, so whether you are looking for something with a night swirl or a tree of life, you can create a striking piece that will help remember your loved one.

Other Considerations

Depending on the type of peace you’re creating, the materials will vary from gold to titanium and even wood, so understanding your budget before starting can be highly beneficial. In addition, if you’re looking for something simpler and would like to create a simple gemstone, you might consider having a diamond made that you could use later to place inside a piece of jewelry.

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When you’re laying a loved one to rest, your primary focus will be creating a truly thoughtful event that will help honor them even after the cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, are completed. It’s essential to find a company that you can trust through the process from start to finish, so we are here to help. We offer the highest quality customer services and experience on the market check our testimonials, so contact us today for more information.

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Alternative Urn Idea

Popular Urn Alternatives

For some individuals, an urn might be their number one choice for housing their loved ones, but they might want to have a different option for others. Once the cremation services are scheduled with one of the crematories or funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, there will need to be a way to house the remains and keep them safe. Understanding all your options can help you in the process when it comes to making this critical decision, so here is more information.

Plaque Choices

One option is to purchase a plaque mounted on a wall that also works as an urn. The design has a hollow space in part of the frame that will hold the individual’s ashes, and the companies that specialize in these will customize them for the loved one.


If the individual with someone who liked working around their home, you might consider purchasing a toolbox or utilizing one they had to house the remain. You can also use a tackle box if the individual likes to fish, and in either situation, the container can be filled with unique items like keepsakes or mementos and their remains.

Wine Bottle

For the wine connoisseur, you can have a specially-made bottle that can be personalized for the loved one. Companies are also offering personalized aging barrels for enthusiasts with different whiskeys, and these can also be inscribed and adored to be as extravagant as you would like.

Picture Frame

Another available option is picture frames designated explicitly for storing the ashes. This can be a comforting and straightforward option to have their picture on display and know that the loved one is there alongside this.

Kitchen Items

If the person was a baker or chef, you could consider utilizing kitchen storage items too; how remains. This could mean taking a cookie jar or some specialty item adorning it with personalized decoration to be dedicated to them.

Book Urn

This option is a great one for those who are reading enthusiasts. In most situations, they will be made from wood and etched with different inlays to make them look like an actual book. Once completed, you can place the individual remains inside, which will be stored there.

Outdoor Items

The last suggestion is to utilize some form of outdoor item such as a watering can or sealed bird feeder. These can both be placed around an outdoor area as a way to honor any loved one who adored gardening.

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These are just a few of the available suggestions to choose from, so it might be worth doing some research to define the one that’s right for your loved one. Going through the process of loss can be a challenging experience for some individuals, so you want to have the highest level of professional care when choosing one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD. we are locally owned and have been serving our local community for over four generations so if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements, contact us today.

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Burial Options for Cremation

If you Need to Bury a Loved One’s Ashes, here are Some Great Options

After the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, the individual may have requested to be buried after the process is complete, and you may not understand your options. A few popular choices can be utilized, so gaining more information is essential. To help give you your decision, here are some suggestions to get you started with the process.

Private Property

In some situations, if your loved one had a property they owned, there may have been an arrangement already in place to be buried there. This is the most cost-effective option and convenient if the property stays in the family. If they requested to be buried at a different location, such as a friend’s property, you might have to contact them to make arrangements if they are not in place.

Urn Garden

These gardens are located inside cemeteries and are intended to store urns. The space can be landscaped with items like large rocks that have been hollowed out to hold an urn or benches that are designed to hold the remains and adorned with a plaque stating the individual’s information.

Cemetery Plot

Gravesites in cemeteries are not just for caskets, and you can purchase them specifically for holding urns. Because the size of the site is meant for caskets, this can be another cost-effective option because multiple urns can be housed in this space. One thing to keep in mind is if you do choose this option, you will need to purchase a vault liner because its purpose is to prevent the ground from caving in on the urns.

National Park or Water Burial

Some individuals may have wanted their remains laid to rest at a national park, but in most situations, this will not be an option due to specific rules, but scattering can be. If they requested a water burial, you would need to purchase a compostable urn because they allow for breakdown quickly once they meet the water. In either case, we recommend checking with local agencies to see if there are any EPA regulations that need to be completed before scheduling this.


One other option that cemeteries offer is a structure called a columbarium. These are above-ground options designed with smaller units called niches specifically to hold the urn of the loved one. The outside of the space is also traditionally adorned with a bronze plaque stating who is laid to rest there.

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As you can see, there are many options available to lay a loved one to rest via burial. Choosing the right choice for the burial is essential and as important as the rest of the details that you want to be included in the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD. Having a company that can help you through the process step-by-step is crucial, and we are here to help you through the process. We are locally owned and understand the pain of loss, so contact us today if you want to schedule an appointment or have questions.

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Self-Care Tips for Grief-Funeral Homes in Silver Spring MD

Grief can be a challenging experience for some, and because it has five stages, it can feel confusing on how to process the emotions that can arise after the services at one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD. Self-care is not just a catchy phrase in our society now; it offers a way to heal and practice doing activities that give comfort. Understanding the options is essential, so here is more information to help.

Connect with Others

When an individual is going through healing after a loss, they may feel alone as they learn to navigate the feelings they are experiencing. One way to help promote the process is to connect with others because it can foster a sense of connection and comfort, especially if they are also experiencing the loss. Whether you choose to have a meal or make a phone call, these can both offer a sense of care, knowing others are there and understand.

Get Moving

Exercise is an excellent way to keep an individual in the best shape possible. It increases the feeling of good emotions and can support the overall well-being of the person suffering. Getting up and moving can make a difference in your day, so doing the dishes or going for a walk can both potentially help increase your mood.

Express the Feelings

With all the emotions that can arise during grief, it may feel complicated to sort through all of them. Taking the time to express the feelings can help alleviate some of the pain and release it, which helps heal. There are several different options to do this, including:

  • Creating art
  • Keeping a journal
  • Speaking to someone

Do Something Enjoyable

When an individual is processing emotions, it can be helpful to participate in activities that are enjoyable for them. The grief has no set time frame to process, so if there is a fun activity, it may be helpful to take the time to schedule a training that offers some enjoyment because it can help distract from the pain, if even for a short time.

Rest if Needed

Depending on the situation, grief can be an exhaustive process to navigate. There may be a need to get more downtime to allow your emotions to process, so whether you go to bed sooner or get more naps, it can be a healthy way to take care of yourself.

Experienced and Professional Services

funeral home in Silver Spring MDAs you can see, there are many ways to care for yourself or someone else who is processing grief. There are multiple other ways that can be incorporated, and it is essential to find what works best for you to make it a regular practice.

Self-care is just one part of the process as you schedule details with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, so you want a company that truly understands how to create a thoughtful event for your loved one. We are a locally owned company serving our community outreach for over four generations, so if you have any questions, give us a call today to get started with your pre arrangements.

How You Choose Between Cremation or Burial?

There are many differences when it comes to burial or cremation services in Columbia, MD. without the proper knowledge, you might choose one when the other one would have been more appropriate for the situation. Understanding the difference between the two is essential, so here’s more information on what makes them unique.

Different Processes

The way an individual is going to be laid to rest is a very personal decision, and if there was no preplanning in place, it will be up to the friends or family members to choose.

Cremation: cremation is when the deceased’s body is brought to the facility and prepared for the process of cleaning and dressing. They are then placed into a casket made for the process and incinerated. This takes anywhere from two to three hours, and once it is completed, they are returned to their loved ones.

Burial: Burial is a slow process where the remains decompose in the earth inside a plot in a cemetery or natural setting. This process takes much longer due to the extra details, which can include hiring staff, picking out flowers, and planning any specific events that you might want to have taken place. Once that is completed, the burial and the memorial need to be organized.

Cost Variations

Cremation: Cremation is a more cost-effective way to go for the process between the two. The average price is around $2400 for a standard service, but some companies offer direct cremation, which is more affordable than this. There are a few other things that could be included with the cremation that could bring the price up, which are:

  • Facility rentals for a visitation
  • Any decorations or floral arrangements
  • Choosing to have a viewing before the cremation

Burial: The cost of a traditional burial is around $8000 but depending on the extravagance of the casket you choose and any extra details, this can dramatically increase the price. The burials might need to include things like:

  • Hearse rental
  • Headstone
  • Embalming the body
  • Hiring staff

Environmental Impacts

There are just a few other things to consider, like the environmental impact. With cremation, the incineration process does emit some elements into the air, such as carbon monoxide. With a burial, situations like the embalming fluid could leach into the soil, and you want to consider how much space the casket and coffin will take up in the ground.

Choosing the Right Course for Your Loved One cremation service in Columbia MD

When it comes to making a decision, whether it’s preplanning or laying a loved one to rest, you want to make sure that the choice feels appropriate for the individual. Trying to plan funeral or cremation services in Columbia, MD, might feel like a confusing task have the talk of a lifetime, especially if you’ve never had to go through it before, so you want to find a company that can help you through the process from start to finish. We focus on creating an event that is truly memorable for your loved one, so if you’d like more information or need to schedule an appointment, give us a call today to get started or check out our community outreach for more information.

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Ways to Express Feeling When in Grief

Grief is a natural and essential part of the healing process for individuals to go through. It can look different for each person, and there’s no set amount of time that the emotions will last. Because there are five stages, it can feel confusing for some, especially after the services are completed at one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD. It’s essential to find ways to express the pain of the loss, and here are just a few suggestions to get started.

Keep a Journal 

For some people, grief can make them feel like they have many emotions running through them but do not know how to express them. One great place to start to lay out how you feel is to keep a journal. A journal will give you a place to look at your emotions as you’re writing them out in any way that you see fit. This could mean using different colored pens or pencils, making pictures, whatever way feels right to you is appropriate.

Writing Unsaid Words

When an individual passes away, there may be things that you had left unsaid, or you just might want to tell them that you care for them. A letter can be a great way to express emotions around the individual’s last and let them know how you are feeling. Once you’re completed, you can choose to keep the document, or you may want to find other ways to let the letter go to let the feelings go.

Connect with Others

Depending on the person, it might feel challenging to talk to others about the loss and your experience. But in many cases, this can be a very healing experience if the other individual is also grieving because coming together can create a sense of connection and a feeling of support.

Seek Outside Support 

Sometimes it can be beneficial to have an outside perspective on a situation. This is no different when it comes to loss period; trained therapists and counselors can help you talk about your emotions and work through the grief in a healthy way. Reaching out to a professional can be an effective method to opening up and processing grief.

Embrace the Emotions

One of the last suggestions is something that has been recommended around the world, and this is through meditation. In many cases, when individuals are in a state of grief, they may try to avoid the feelings, but meditation focuses on expressing them and letting them go to reduce some discomfort. Thankfully there are many different resources online listed as guided meditations that can be beneficial.

From Start to Finish We are Here funeral home in Columbia MD

Whether you’re looking for cremation or trying to find funeral homes in Columbia, MD, for a standard burial or pre-arrangements, we are here to help. Laying a loved one to rest is a very personal matter, so you want a company that has years of experience, so you know that they will be truly honored. We offer multiple services, and they’re here to provide compassionate care, so give us a call today or check out our community outreach.

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Food Recipes for Ease and Comfort During Loss

After an individual has had to plan cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, for a loved one, they might feel a sense of confusion as they try to learn how to live their life without the individual. There can be tasks around their home that they need help with, and one of these might be meal planning. This is especially true if a two-parent household has lost a parent and their children to take care of, so providing easy-to-make meals can decrease their stress levels, and here are some ideas.

Easy Food Options

One of the main things you want to remember is if you are preparing meals for individuals, bring them the food in a pan that they do not have to return. There are just a couple of things you will want to keep in mind when planning a food service for a household.

  • Check for any food intolerances or allergies
  • If there are food preferences such as vegetarians or vegans
  • If the household has kitchenware that can accommodate such as an oven or microwave
  • When the best times for drop off of the meals are
  • If they want individuals to stay and visit before leaving

The whole idea is to provide meals that can create the most ease for the individuals involved so they can stay focused on other household items that need prioritizing.

  • Casseroles like lasagna or baked spaghetti can be great options as long as the family has a way to warm up the food if they choose.
  • Specialty salads or a plain garden salad can be easily prepared and supply a dressing that the family enjoys.
  • Enchiladas and burritos can also be prepared in a pan and create a simple warm-up option that takes little work.
  • Chicken and vegetables that are pan-roasted are a healthy option.
  • Macaroni and cheese is a great comfort food option.
  • A homemade pot pie can offer comfort and nourishment with minor cleanup.
  • Preparing packets that are individually wrapped with a fish entrée.
  • Bringing all the items to put together sandwiches allows the individuals to eat when they’re ready, so there’s more flexibility.
  • A chili is always a great option, and it doesn’t hurt to bring some cornbread along with it.
  • If the household loves pasta, you could always consider making an Alfredo or a simple marinara sauce with noodles.

For the Kids 

If the household has children in it, you could consider creating a pizza bar that could be a fun event. In addition to this, providing finger foods like chicken nugget’s price can also be a welcome option.

Commitment From Start to Finishcremation service in Clarksburg, MD

Losing a loved one is hard enough but trying to plan the cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, can feel like an even greater challenge if you’ve never had to go through it before. We are a locally owned company that takes great pride in serving our community and would love to help you through the process if you need to schedule services. We are here to help, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Ideas for Funeral Memorial Tokens

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly painful experience, and if you are planning all the details for the event, you want to try to personalize it as much as possible to make it a truly memorable event. Once you have scheduled the date and time for the service at one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, you can start picking out decorations, and other aspects, including a keepsake that you can offer individuals at the event; here are a few ideas.

Favor Ideas 


Charms are just one option to choose from, and there are multiple shapes, sizes, and materials available on the market that you can make completely personalized. Whether it is meant to place on a key ring or as a simple token that’s placed inside a bag with a customized note, these can be meaningful items individuals can hold onto and carry with them.


Matches can come in handy in various situations, and this is one item that can also be personalized as a keepsake. You can add photos and any text appropriate around the individual, especially if there’s going to be a candlelight vigil at the service.

Seed Packets

If the individual loved to garden or plants and flowers, you could consider personalizing some seed packets. The standard option is to place the individuals named on the packet and to choose a flower such as forget me nots or sunflower seeds can also be a great option.

Tea Infusers

For the tea lover, some companies specialize in creating heart-shaped infusers that make excellent funeral favors. Not only are they one of the more affordable options on the market, but they can be personalized with a note offering an in memory of statement.


In the situation that the individual loved to read, you might consider purchasing bookmarks infused with seeds that can be planted. These can be adorned with any phrases such as a poem that was near and dear to the loved one, and they serve two purposes not only for those who are readers but those who are gardeners.


One of the last suggestions is to create a candle with phrases such as rest and peace or in loving memory and then include the individual’s name in writing. This can be an excellent choice, especially if a candle lighting ceremony is scheduled for the event.

High-Quality and Compassionate Servicesfuneral home in Clarksburg MD

The funeral or cremation services can be one of the more painful aspects of laying a loved one to rest, so offering a token to help others remember the beauty of the individual can be a welcome gift. With all the different funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, it may feel confusing on who to choose. You want to find a company that you know you can count on to offer the highest quality compassionate care on the market, and we are here to help. We take great pride in streamlining our services to meet all of our clients’ needs, so if you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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Funeral and Cremation Etiquette 

Anytime an individual passes away, it can be a painful experience for the loved ones involved. Between planning funeral or cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, and navigating the emotions, it can feel confusing for some. If you have been invited to a service, you might have some questions about what happens, so you understand proper etiquette. Understanding what is appropriate can be highly beneficial, so here is more information.

When to Attend

Depending on the situation, you might be wondering if you should attend or not. If it is someone you know and you are close to the family members, it’s always recommended to come to the event to support the family.

In a situation where you are unable to attend due to work or family, it’s also acceptable to send some memento such as flowers or a card letting the family know you are in support of them.

Don’t Be Late 

As with most functions, you want to ensure that you are on time for the event. It can be highly beneficial to arrive a few minutes early if there is a book to sign and find seating promptly. If you arrive late, speak with anyone who is coordinating the event to find the appropriate area to sit.

Discuss the Loss 

In some cases, it can be challenging to discuss the loss for individuals. Be mindful to practice sensitivity and refrain from getting overly excited, mainly if it is a more solemn function. It can be highly beneficial to speak with grieving people to give your condolences and let them know you are available and in support of the family.

Choosing the Attire

What you wear can make a difference, so you will want to be mindful to choose clothing that you would wear to a professional event or church. Consider conservative the best option when selecting your dress, and make sure that you are wearing attire that is darker colored without bright colors or graphics to keep the focus on the event.

Other Considerations

One part of proper etiquette is avoiding using technology at the event. If you must take a phone call, be sure to leave the room and refrain from texting or taking photos unless it’s been asked of you. In addition, if there is a reception, you may consider bringing a meal for the family, or purchasing a gift card for a local restaurant can also be a welcome gift in a time of loss.

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Whether it is a cremation or funeral service, anytime individuals have gathered to honor a loved one after they have passed on, it’s good to be mindful of proper etiquette. Snowden Funeral Home is a locally owned company that has practiced the highest standards of quality care for generations for all our clients. We offer multiple options from preplanning to cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, and would love to help you as you go through the planning steps. If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment, give us a call today.

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What Happens at a Graveside Service?

Anytime an individual passes away, there will be a need to contact funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, to schedule services to lay them to rest. One part of a traditional burial can consist of a graveside service event, so if you are attending one or need to plan one having one, it is good to get as much knowledge as possible. Here is more information on graveside services to help you in your planning.

What Is Their Purpose?

A graveside service is a ceremony that happens while the deceased is laid in the ground. It can be one of the last steps in the whole process with the funeral services and maybe one of the only events depending on the individual’s needs. For some religions and cultures, it signals to send the body back into the earth to allow the individual to rest in peace.

What are the Details?

The service will generally consist of a speaker giving a eulogy or prayer for the deceased. In most situations, there is only one speech given, but this can also vary depending on if others have words or stories they would like to share about the event. This is a simplified function and will not usually include musicians or decorations such as photos or video tributes.

Because the service is typically held in a graveyard, it can have a more significant number of individuals, but it comes down to the family’s wishes. In many cases, it is more of a private function with limited people when it comes to the graveside service.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to attending a graveside service is a particular form of etiquette traditionally expected. The attire you choose should be more conservative and consist of dark colors without wearing anything too revealing or casual such as sandals or baseball hats. In addition, there may also be a form of visitation where the attendees will create a line to offer their condolences to the family and to thank whoever was leading the event.

After the graveside service, there may also be an event scheduled for friends or family members that can consist of a reception for individuals to gather to show support after the loss.

Creating Connection Through Community 

The graveside service is an opportunity for individuals to see the loved one off as they go to their final resting place. It can offer a sense of closure and healing as they begin to process losing individuals and life without them.funeral home in Silver Spring, MD

Snowden Funeral Home understands the pain of loss and wants you to know we are here to offer compassionate support and care for all our clients. We are a family-owned and operated business focusing on creating events for our clients that truly honor their loved ones. If you have recently lost someone and are looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, we would love to be of service, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment.