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Important Documentation Issues to Address After a Loved One Passes Away

When an individual passes away and  cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, need to be scheduled; a few things will need to be addressed before making the appointment. Having the appropriate paperwork requires many organizations to stop expecting payments or to receive compensation. So, understanding what is needed is a priority, and here is a list of some potential documents required.


The first documents that may be required can involve multiple statements such as:

  • IRA’s
  • Bank accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Life insurance policy information
  • Bond or stock information
  • Titles for boats or vehicles
  • Real estate information

You may also need to consider if there are any beneficiaries involved that will be paid from accounts that transfer when the individual passes away.

Business Matters

In the situation where the individual owns a business, other specific documents will be required.

  • Tax returns specifically for the business
  • Any licenses, whether local or state
  • If the individual had contracts from vehicle loans or leases
  • Titles for vehicles specifically for the business
  • Statements for bank accounts or retirement accounts
  • Partnership documents which could include shareholders agreements or original stock certificates


Because utilities are a specific requirement, there will be the possibility of multiple bills that will need to be addressed or canceled.

  • Medical expenses from procedures
  • Tax bills regarding any real estate investments
  • Utility or phone bills
  • If the individual had credit cards or personal loans
  • Any remaining mortgages

Keep in mind there may also be miscellaneous bills which could include storage unit rental, funeral expenses, or gym memberships. And as you go through the paperwork, you may find that there are other outside agencies that the deceased was involved in that they were making monthly payments to.


There may also be contracts the loved one held that were not fully completed that need to be finalized.

  • Automobile or real estate leases
  • Lines of credit or promissory notes
  • If the individual had a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial, they will both need to be addressed and checked for amendments.

Estate and Taxes

Some of the last documents you will need to address will be any testaments or tax returns that need to be finalized.

From Community to Family, we are There

When the individual does pass away, the main piece of paperwork needed is the certificate of death. There may be situations where you will need a photo ID for the individual or certifications, such as marriage or divorce for specific agencies.

Losing a loved one is complicated enough, but when you’re trying to plan  cremation services incremation services in Clarksburg, MD Clarksburg, MD, and have no idea where to start, it can be an incredibly confusing process. Snowden Funeral Home is a locally owned and highly qualified company that cares deeply about our community. We take pride in offering the highest quality customer service on the market and would love to help you as you go through your planning process. If you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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How a Care Calendar can Be Beneficial During Loss

Loss can be a harrowing experience to go through, and anytime someone you know has to find  funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, it can be confusing to try to navigate all the planning needs while at the same time processing emotions. So, you may be wondering how to assist them; you aren’t sure how to do that; one great option is to create a care calendar, and here is what it offers.

What Purpose Does it Serve?

Care calendars are a highly beneficial option that serves to organize needs that an individual might have when they are going through a transition or loss. When an individual is going through grief, they may need help in multiple areas of their life, including household help such as laundry or someone to pick up groceries for them.

Depending on the situation, it could be more in-depth where the individual needs help with getting to doctor’s appointments or getting organized in their day-to-day life. The care calendar will help to get these things organized and offer some relief to the individual.

How do they Work?

The calendar can be set up through a connected email system, so the first thing that you want to do is find out who’s available to help out with the individual. Once you have the team of individuals set up, you can start delegating tasks to people depending on what they’re available for. The tasks can all be linked up on the calendar, so if someone cannot make one of the commitments, it can be filled in by someone else quickly.

The purpose of the care calendar is to create a space where individuals can see what needs to be done and help accomplish the tasks. These can even be useful for people who live out of town because they can handle phone calls that need to be made to agencies or order items or products for the person if necessary.

Having a calendar in place will help eliminate double signups and allow individuals to choose what they would like to help out with, which can remove some of the confusion or frustration. They are also beneficial because the individual will know that they have their needs met as they’re going through their process, which will bring them a sense of support during a time of grief.

Giving you Multiple Options to Help with Planning 

When an individual experience is a loss, they may feel confused when they’re trying to reestablish their life without the loved one. The planning alone can be an additional source of stress, so they must find a company to count on.

funeral homes in Clarksburg, MDSnowden Funeral Home offers multiple services and takes great pride in providing our clients the skills to create a memorable event that truly honors their loved ones. If you’re looking at funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, we would love to help you through the process with compassionate care, so contact us today to make an appointment.

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Ways to Care for You or a Loved One During the Holidays after Loss 

In typical cases, the holidays can be an incredibly joyful and expressive time of year. However, after some individuals have experienced a loss, the holidays can become a time of stress and grief as they try to process the feelings that can arise after having  cremation services in Silver Spring, MD. Whether you have recently lost someone or you know someone who has experienced a loss, understanding ways to better care for yourself can be highly beneficial, so here are some suggestions.

Listening to Your Needs

One of the first things that are highly recommended is to take the time to make sure that you are taking appropriate care of yourself while you’re going through the experience. This can mean extra scheduling time for rest or planning activities that help focus on relaxation and processing the feelings arising.

In the situation where you support someone who is experiencing a loss, being mindful to practice patience and compassion while they are going through the feelings is a priority. It is always helpful to take the time to reach out to gain support from others or find activities that can help to express emotions. Creating art or writing can be highly beneficial ways to openly share the grief so that you or whoever might be suffering is not carrying it alone.

Creating Boundaries

If you have been invited to many events, you may not feel like participating. It is not unreasonable to tell individuals no or that you are unavailable or to give yourself some leeway when attending events. This might look like not carpooling with others or making sure that you leave when you’re ready to.

Making Different Choices

Another thing you may want to consider is changing how you handle traditions. If the individual who passed away was the primary person for scheduling the events, there is the option to incorporate new themes or recipes for meal planning. You may also discuss this with other family members to see if they have anything they would like to add or remove from some family traditions.

If you still want to honor the loved one, it can be beneficial to find ways to incorporate their memory into the celebration to help with the process of healing.

Quality Through Commitment 

Even with the joy and connection that holidays can bring, it can be tough to navigate, especially if expectations are placed on the grieving individual. It’s healthy to express needs directly to others in support, so there’s no question about what is needed.

Planning  cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, might feel confusing to try to go through thecremation services in Silver Spring, MD process alone, so it’s essential to have the proper support from a company that understands. Snowden Funeral Home has been a local provider for our community for multiple generations. We take great pride in helping our clients as they go through the processes of loss, so contact us today, and we will help you get started.

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What is a Video Tribute For?

If you have recently lost a loved one and you are looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, you might be just starting to try to decide what details you want to include at the event. This can be a confusing process, especially if you are trying to navigate grief or other emotions around the loss. Including a memorial tribute can be a great way to help others connect and heal by physically seeing the loved one. Here is more information on what a video tribute can offer and how to get started.

What is the Purpose?

Creating an attribute can be a significant and reflective way to express the importance of the loved one and how they affected others’ lives. It can be a way to tell a story of the individual’s life and highlight positive aspects to be remembered by the loved ones.

How do you Create One?

To begin the creation process will require gathering as much information as possible about the loved one. This can mean not only taking any communication you may have but reaching out to friends or family to see if they have anything they would like to include in the video. Social media platforms can also be a great way to gain images or content that you would like to add.

In addition, if there’s any music you would like to incorporate or if the loved one was an avid reader, you might consider incorporating favorite quotes or phrases in the video which can help others connect to the deceased. Adding small touches of personalization like this can help create a genuinely memorable and authentic event, which can help gain some closure to the loss.

Your next step is going to be taking the time to make the video. This could mean downloading an application or program to your computer or handheld device and creating one on your own, or you may consider reaching out to a local company that specializes in creating the videos. Having a company produce the imagery can be highly beneficial because it can remove some extra stress and offer a way to free up more time to focus on other details for the event.

Once the tribute has been completed, you will want to consider making additional copies for individuals who may request it. The other option is to have a link to the video that is easy to follow so anyone can click on it to watch the tribute whenever they choose to, particularly for those who are not technologically advanced and may need some extra help.

A Commitment to Community Care

Snowden Funeral Home has been in business for over four generations, focusing on afuneral home in Silver Spring, MD commitment to quality care for all our clients. We offer specialized services in multiple areas and take great pride in helping to create an event that truly honors our client’s loved ones. If you are looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, we would love to support you as you go through the process of planning, so contact us today.