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Grief is Complicated, and If You are Supporting Someone in the Process, here are 6 Helpful Tips

Whether an individual needs to plan funeral or cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, it can be a challenging experience to go through the process of loss. Grief varies from person to person, and if you are in support of someone who has lost a loved one, it can be confusing how to help them, so we have six helpful tips here.

Let them Make the Decision

Grief can be complex to process, and one of the hardest things is trying to understand what the person needs. So, one way to help with this is to let them decide what they would like to do. Offering suggestions of activities can be helpful because they may find something they want to engage in and let you support them.

Always Ask First Before Assuming

Checking in with the individual about the steps you are taking. Only they can let you know if you are being helpful or not. This can help streamline any scheduled tasks that you may be assisting them with or adjust the amount of support you are offering.

Make Contact with Them

Grief can be an exhaustive experience; some individuals may not want to be active or go out while grieving. Making time to contact them either by phone or in person can be one way to remind them that they are supported and cared for.

Assist with Daily Activities

For some people, getting assistance with regular activities can be another great way to support them. Providing meals, helping around the house, or picking up children from school can be great options to offer them a sense of care and reduce the stresses that can come with transitioning to the loss.

Avoid Advising and Listen

One part of being present for a person’s experience is taking the time to listen to the individual’s feelings and experiences. For some, giving advice may be tempting, but it is not recommended unless the person requests it. This is because people in deep emotional states just want someone to hear their experience and not be guided.

Don’t Judge Their Experience

The last recommendation is to remember that everyone’s experience is different, and because you may feel a certain way about the experience doesn’t mean they will. The individual’s life will have changed due to the loss, and even though this can be an uncomfortable experience to support them through, it’s essential that you do not place judgment on them.

We Have Been a Trusted Source for Four Generations

These are just a few great suggestions that you can utilize to make the process easier when you’re loved one is experiencing a loss. Having an understanding of what they need can help you narrow down the options and find better ways to help them feel supported and cared for.Cremation Service in Clarksburg MD

And if you need to schedule cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, we would love to support you in planning a memorable event. Our company‘s main priority is to provide exceptional services for all of our clients, so call us today to get started.

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Top Benefits of Pre-Planning the Services

Whether you or someone you know is considering funeral or cremation services in Columbia, MD, pre-planning for the event can be highly helpful. Getting started with the process may feel confusing if you’ve never been through it before, but there are a few key factors to consider as to why it’s beneficial. We want you to be as informed as possible so, we have compiled a list of all the benefits that planning offers.

It Allows for Personalization

The main benefit is that it allows the individual to make specific choices about what they want to have at the function. Taking the time to prepare the event helps make the service more personal, and exact details can be chosen, such as:

  • Flower arrangements
  • Food and beverage services
  • Decorations
  • Picking between cremation, traditional burial, or both
  • Selecting the urn or casket
  • Having a celebration of life or memorial service

Removes the Financial Needs

The truth is, funeral services can be expensive depending on how extravagant they are. Going through the loss can be incredibly challenging for some people, and your loved ones may already be experiencing higher levels of distress. You don’t want to leave loved ones to have to come up with the funding for this, so pre-paying in advance remove’s that extra stress from them.

There are also some situations where it may be more affordable to pay for it in advance. Some businesses will carry contracts that can be paid over time and be more affordable in the long run.

Allows for More Time to Decide on Details

When an individual passes away, and no pre-planning is in place, it can feel like a rushed experience to organize the services. By pre-planning, this cuts out the need to hurry and can allow for more time to make decisions that feel authentic for the individual planning the event.

Removes Emotional Planning

Another aspect of the brief is that it can make individuals choose details or more emotionally based decisions instead of what is authentic for the situation. This experience will be removed by pre-planning, and your loved ones can stay focused on their emotions and process the loss.

Offers Less Stress

The last consideration is planning for the services; it can offer peace of mind. This not only applies to the individual planning it but to the family members because they don’t have to worry about figuring out the details.

When it Comes to Services, we are a Name You Can Trust

Cremation Services in Columbia MDThe primary purpose of planning for the event is to help create a meaningful experience and a memorable service for the attendees. It can allow them to say their condolences and offer a chance to remember the loved one.

Pre-planning is just one step, and if you are looking for an excellent company that provides high-quality cremation services in Columbia, MD, we are a trusted source. Our company has been in business for over four generations, focusing on offering exceptional care for our community, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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Support Options for Grief

If You or Someone You Know is Grieving, Finding the Right Support is Crucial, so here are Some Options

Funeral homes in Columbia, MD, can be an excellent source for creating unique and authentic services after a loved one passes away. There may be some situations where they have grief counseling available, but in most cases, the individual will need to seek out their resources to navigate these feelings. Understanding the different options available is crucial, so we have created a list of helpful resources that can help work through the emotions of grief.

Support Groups

One of the first great resources to utilize is to find a support group. This could be an online or in-person experience; for some people, it can be what they need because, in most cases, the space will be free of any kind of judgment. Grief support groups also don’t traditionally have therapy in them, and most individuals have either gone through grief or are currently experiencing it, which can create a sense of connection and understanding.

Friends and Family

Another helpful area is to utilize or reach out to loved ones. This could be friends or family members; it can be a great resource because the individuals might also be going through the process of grief. Finding time to connect with them may not only be helping you, but it could also help them to talk about their emotions and create a sense of care for everyone involved.

Professional Services

For some individuals, choosing a professional service might be better when expressing feelings about the loss. Hiring an outside individual can be highly beneficial because they are not emotionally attached to the individual who’s passed away. This means you will get a more objective point of view on the experience which can offer new ways to look at the situation and teach helpful coping skills.

Volunteer Organizations

There are a large number of volunteer organizations that offer grief support, and these can be found online. They range from specialized services to traditional loss of loved ones, so consider researching these to find the right option.

Self-Care Tips

The last recommendation for support is to consider self-care. Grief can be a challenging experience to go through, so taking the time to do things that are considered pleasurable or enjoyable can be highly beneficial. Getting body work done like massages or investing in mindfulness or meditation classes can also help process emotions.

If You Need Exceptional Care, we are a Trusted NameFuneral Home in Columbia MD

The experience of grief is going to be different for each person, so remembering to be patient with the process is crucial. Getting the proper support for all the effects of the loss is critical, and if you’re looking at professional funeral homes in Columbia, MD, to schedule the services, we would love to help you through the process. Our company is locally owned and has been operating since the early 1900s with a focus on providing honest and compassionate services, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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Ideas and Considerations for Choosing a Companion Urn

When someone chooses to have cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, traditionally, an urn will need to be purchased to help house the remains. Companion urns are just one of the choices available on the market in are a popular option for couples. So, we have gathered more information about them in this article and some customization tips and ideas you can utilize.

What Makes Companion Urns Different?

If you’ve heard the term companion urn, but you’re not sure what the difference is, it’s the size of the vessel. A standard companion or double earn can hold anywhere from 350 to 400 cubic inches of cremated remains.

When measuring the size you need, every pound of a created adult is equal to one cubic inch of ash, and most urns can be adjusted to fit a larger or smaller couple. The shape of the urn can vary; the most traditional ones are the box shape and vase style.

There are also two different holding options, with one having a space for two urns and the other that can hold the ashes of both individuals in the same space.

What Options are Available?

The most popular choices are:


The traditional choice is typically larger and will resemble the most well-known style with vase design. These are generally easy options to find and can be personalized with a plaque to commemorate the individuals.


Stone is popular due to its ability to be inscribed; in most cases, it will resemble a headstone. The design is typically in a rectangular and long shape and can come in materials like onyx, marble, and granite. This option is good for engraving, and you could consider adding some special words about your loved ones on the cremation urn.


Wood can be a great choice if you are looking for something more rustic and softer. This material is highly customizable, making it an excellent option for someone looking for a unique selection.


A double metal urn could be the right choice if the loved ones enjoyed a more modern feel. They come in materials like copper, bronze, rose gold, copper, silver, and many others, so you know you can find one that feels authentic.


The wall plaque is another excellent choice because its design is a three-dimensional box that can come with a frame. It can be hung up on a wall and have a frame added to it, so you can display your loved one’s photo.

BiodegradableCremation Service in Clarksburg MD

Biodegradable options will be the best choice for those who want to have their ashes scattered or buried. The material is designed to break down when it meets water or soil, so consider this if the individuals did not want to have their remains stored for an extended period.

We Offer Integrity and Honesty in All Our Services

Choosing the right companion urn can be easier with the right information, so consider your loved ones when picking the vessel. And if you need cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, we are a trusted name. Our company offers trusted and exceptional services, so contact us today.

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Winter Burial Tips

Burying a Loved One Can Happen Any Time of the Year, so here are Some Considerations for Colder Months

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, are local experts when it’s time to lay a loved one to rest In a meaningful way. And if the individual passes away in the wintertime and you live in a colder climate, you might be concerned about whether you can have a traditional burial. So, we have created this article to help give you some insight into the process and how it is completed in colder months.

Can You Bury a Loved One in the Winter?

Due to advanced technology, burying people in the wintertime is possible, but this wasn’t always the case. In most situations, individuals only had a shovel, and the family would have to wait until spring to complete the process. The deceased were placed into a receiving vault designed to hold bodies for extended periods.

Fortunately, now families don’t have to wait to bury their loved ones until the weather gets warmer due to machinery and alternative burial options. But depending on the environment, If the weather is too erratic, it can potentially delay the experience for a short period.

What is Used to Help this Process?

Wintertime burials or common practice now, and almost all mortuaries and funeral homes have equipment that can make it possible to refrigerate the deceased for extended periods. If the family wants to wait until springtime to have the service, the body can be placed in a mausoleum as a temporary holding space.

Four specific pieces of equipment are used for burials in cold months, including:


This option is one of the more recent inventions; it is used to heat the ground with a torch to make it softer to dig in.


The backhoe will technically be attached to a digging crane; they can break through the frozen ground much more quickly than other methods.


The jackhammer is the most common option, and it’s used to break through the upper layers of the frost. However, it can take longer to dig the grave, but it can be more affordable and effective than other solutions.


Heaters are used to melt the frozen ground, and either be electric or charcoal run.

Are there Graveside Burials During Winter?

In most cases, a family can’t choose to have the graveside services even in the winter, but the weather will affect this. Some cemeteries can make accommodations for this situation; they may have plowing services available to create safer access to the plot site. And in some cases, the families may choose to have an alternative service and hold the event at a different location.

We Offer Exceptional Care and ServicesFuneral Home in Clarksburg MD

As you can see, if your loved one does pass away in the wintertime, it is possible to have a traditional burial, and the weather will be contingent on the surfaces. And if you’re looking at funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, we have you covered with compassionate care. We have been in business since the early 1900s and have provided services for our community based on care and commitment to quality, so contact us today when planning in making arrangements.