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Tips for Transporting the Remains

Considerations and Tips if The Ashes Need to Be Transported

Once the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, are completed, you may need to take your loved one’s ashes to a different destination. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so we have listed the three primary methods to transport the ashes and some helpful tips for the procedures.

By Car

The simplest method is to transport the remains by vehicle. This is the best choice if the destination isn’t too far away from your home and there are no rules or regulations around transporting cremated remains. The biggest recommendation for this experience is to ensure that the ashes are in a secured container and packaged to help prevent spillage or damage to the urn.

Shipping The Ashes

If the ashes need to be shipped, there are a few more considerations about this process. Currently, USPS is the only company that offers this service, but fortunately, they have a special kit you can order online for no charge. If you are choosing to use your packaging, you want to ensure that the urn is completely secured, and it is recommended to include additional packing material for the transport. It can be helpful to place the destinations information and information inside and outside because there is always a risk of loss.

In addition, you also need the appropriate labeling on all sides of the box because this helps the delivery drivers in processors know what’s inside so the package will be handled with extra care.


Flying can be more complex, and you want to start the process at least a week to prevent any transport delays. Almost every airplane allows for cremated remains to be taken aboard them, but they do have to determine if they will be sent as carry-on, luggage, or air cargo.

You will also need to ensure that the ashes are placed in a clear receptacle that is easily scanned when they go through the TSA security checkpoint. Choosing items like wood, glass, or plastic or easily scanned and can give a clearer image for the officers.


Every country has a different set of rules and regulations around transporting and shipping cremated remains, and there are some that do not allow the ashes to be brought into the country. So, the first step is to call or e-mail the embassy to see their requirements. International shipping can take more time, so starting this process two weeks in advance is recommended to ensure that you have the proper documentation for customs.

We offer the Highest-Quality Care and Support

As you can see, there are some complications that arise with shipping ashes after the cremationCremation Services in Silver Spring MD services in Silver Spring, MD, but with the proper research, it can be a more straightforward process. And if you’re looking for a professional team who can offer exceptional and thoughtful services, we are here to help. Our primary goal is to help our clients create a memorable event for their loved ones, so call us today to make arrangements.

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Choosing an Estate Planner

When It is Time to Create the Estate Plan, Here are Tips for Finding a Reputable Planner

If you are planning services with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, and are considering creating an estate plan, you need a qualified professional at your side. With all the different specialists, it can feel confusing to choose, so we have created this guide with a few tips and considerations to ensure you select a planner that works for you.

Ask Around for Referrals

If you are already using a financial advisor, they are a great starting point because they may be able to connect you with someone that can help. Asking other attorneys, accountants, or family and friends are also sources that can offer personalized experiences to help you narrow down your search.

Check Online Reviews

Google is also an excellent resource because all the reviews will be based on real experiences and situations. The reviews can give you a better understanding of what the individual is capable of and if they can offer you the proper support and knowledge needed for your specific situation.

Questions for the Planner

You need the estate planning lawyer to be able to meet your needs, and you may want to consider finding someone who not only has certifications in estate planning but has been practicing law for a few years and who has passed the bar exams. A few questions to ask the individual include:

  • How long have you been practicing estate planning?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • What areas are they going to be able to support you with?
  • What are their fees?
  • Do they have someone to fill in if they are not available?
  • How long does the finalization process take?

You also want to pick a firm with a solid track record and good credentials. You want to be comfortable with the individual because they can make the process stress-free and much easier, so be sure to take your time when deciding.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few questions you will want to consider after you meet with the individual and some examples are:

  • Do you feel like you had a good rapport with them?
  • Would you feel comfortable talking to them about personal matters?
  • How comfortable were you overall when speaking to the person?
  • How was their bedside manner?
  • Did you agree with their values?
  • Did they communicate clearly and well?
  • Are they able to meet your needs and finalize any pertinent documents?

When You Need Quality Care and Authentic Services, We Are Here for You

Finding the right estate planning attorney starts with thorough research and taking the time toFuneral Homes in Silver Spring MD interview professionals if that’s what feels appropriate. And if you or someone you know needs to preplan the services, we are your local professionals. Our team runs one of the long-standing funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, with compassion and professional support, and we’re here to answer all your questions, so contact us today to get started with your pre-arrangement.

Cremation Services in Columbia MD

Veteran Memorial Ideas

Honoring the Veteran in Your Life Is Easier With These Popular Ideas

Do you need to plan funeral or cremation services in Columbia, MD, for a veteran in your life? Even a standard memorial can feel like a complicated experience to organize, and when you need to honor someone who served in the military, there are some extra details you can include. Finding what feels appropriate is critical, so here are just a few ways to commemorate their military career.

Bury Them in Uniform

For many individuals, their uniform signifies their devotion to their military career. It’s also seen as a tradition. The uniform represents the honor and pride the individual felt with their service, which will stay with them until they pass away. If the loved one did not request this, consider if it feels like the appropriate choice because this can be a very personal decision.

Have an Open Mic

Open mikes are another great way to celebrate the loved one, mainly if there are individuals that served alongside them in their career. Having guests share their experiences and memories about the individual can be a significant way to create a truly memorable experience.

Create a Video Tribute

Video tributes have been growing in popularity and for a good reason. They offer an opportunity to combine images and video footage with helping offer a glimpse into the individual’s life. If your veteran had a lot of pictures and content that could be connected, this is another way to honor their experience and highlight their legacy.

Set Up a Display

Finding a way to display your veteran’s life is another excellent option to add to the event. Creating areas throughout the venue that have uniforms, metals, accomplishments, and photos can all be turned into unique styles of exhibits to help give others some insight into all the ways that they served their country.

Include a Flag Ceremony

Flag ceremonies are another great way to commemorate the individual’s devotion to their military career. Having the flag draped over the casket or setting up for a traditional flag ceremony or both options make the event more meaningful.

Incorporate Their Civilian Life

The individual’s civilian life is as important as their military career, and it can be a thoughtful gesture to include this in the services. Highlighting different experiences, including:

  • Close relationships they had
  • Achievements or awards from education or work
  • Hobbies or interests they pursued
  • Volunteer work or causes they supported
  • Information about where they grew up and lived

We are a Trusted Source of Compassionate Care

If the veteran in your life was unique and non-traditional, you could consider finding alternate options to make the ceremony feel more authentic. Consider having a celebration of life as opposed to a memorial or incorporating more personalization can help create a sense of connection to them.

Cremation Service in Columbia MDWe have you covered when you need high-quality cremation services in Columbia, MD. We are a locally owned company serving our community for over four generations. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have, so call us today to get started or visit our community outreach.

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5 Tips for Holiday Grief

Navigating Grief Is Challenging, During the Holidays, so Here are Five Helpful Tips

Holidays can be a complicated time of the year, and joy is a focus for many people. But for those who have lost a loved one, this can be a challenging experience to navigate. The funeral homes in Columbia, MD, can help you create a memorable event, but after it’s completed, that will require learning to navigate around the loss. Understanding ways to make the holidays an easier experience is crucial, so we have five great resources listed here.

Make Alterations to Events

If there are many different events scheduled, this could feel overwhelming, Because the emotions of grief can be an exhausting process. Family traditions can be a great way to stay connected, but they may feel like too much at the time, so consider making changes to them if it feels appropriate. This could include incorporating new traditions, changing arrival or departure times, or speaking with the coordinator to find an alternate option for connecting.

Practice Time and Energy Management

Grief is complex and finding ways to practice self-care and manage energy levels is crucial. If you notice you need more sleep or rest, be sure to include these as a priority because grief can manifest in different ways. Be sure to include getting enough water, moving your body through exercise, participating in hobbies, and doing your best to eat healthy foods instead of holiday goodies can all help contribute to an easier experience.

Find Ways to Honor the Deceased

Take time to decide how you want to honor the loved one. If they had any favorite holiday traditions, you might consider incorporating that and making time for the activity. You can also include them by using their favorite decorations or cooking a favorite recipe to add to a family dinner. Regardless of what you choose to do to honor them, make sure it feels authentic and like the appropriate choice.

Allow the Emotions

Grief can bring up many different emotions, so one way to help prepare for this is to allow it to be there if it arises. Whether the expression is done through tears, art, or self-care, these can all be critical factors in the healing experience.

Make Time to Give to the Community

One of the most rewarding ways to process grief is by supporting others who need help. Taking time to donate to a loved one’s favorite charity or scheduling time for volunteering can be important ways to make a difference and do something valuable in the name of your loved one.

Our Team of Experts is Here to Support You

Learning to navigate through the emotions that can arise around more challenging days is crucial, and these are just a few resources to utilize whether you or a loved one are going Funeral Homes in Columbia MDthrough the grief process. For some individuals, finding ways to honor the loved one is the best method to help with the grief support, and if you need to schedule services with one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD, we would love to support you through the process. We are locally owned, and our company has served our community through four generations, so call us today. .