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3 Ways You Can Personalize a Funeral Service

One way you can make the funeral service for a loved one extra special is by personalizing the event. The funeral director at a funeral home serving Silver Spring, MD families will help you arrange a final service that honors the memory of your deceased relative – and they can also recommend personalization options. At the end of the day, you’ll want to personalize the ceremony in a way that commemorates someone who had been a big part of your life.

Here are 3 ways that you can personalize a funeral service so that it honors the deceased and blesses you and your other family members.

1. Set Up Table of Memories

One way you can greatly personalize a funeral service is by setting up a table of memories. There are many different things you can do with a memory table, so you’ll have options. You can, for instance, have a single table and include a bunch of things that remind you of the deceased. Another idea is to set up several memory tables where each table represents a specific period of your deceased loved one’s life. Encourage your family to take part by bringing things – i.e. photos and mementos – that remind them of the deceased in happier times.

2. Choose Sympathy Flowers that Convey a Message

Where there’s a funeral service honoring someone’s loved one, there are flowers…lots of them. But one way you can personalize the ceremony in a meaningful way is by choosing the right ones. In case you didn’t know, different types of flowers symbolize certain things. For example, the lily is a white-colored flower that is common at funeral services. Lilies symbolize purity and sympathy. So if this is the message you want to communicate, then buying some lilies to decorate the venue where the ceremony will be held will be a good idea. You might also wish to choose a flower if you can get a type or a color that had been the deceased’s favorite.

funeral home serving Silver Spring, MD

3. Assemble Memory Capsule

Another interesting idea is to create a memory capsule. You might even put some of the photos, letters, poems, and other items from the memory table into a container. You can either put the capsule in the casket – if permitted by the funeral home – or bury it in another location such as on private property owned by someone in your family. Make sure that the container you use is airtight and durable so that it remains safe after it’s been buried.


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