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Interesting Facts About Cremation

Many people have a lot of questions about cremation services Clarksburg, MD which implies there is a lot regarding cremation that the public doesn’t know. Please read on if you find this subject of interest. Here are a few of the most intriguing, instructive, and, in a few instances, odd tidbits regarding cremation that you should know.

1. Funerals may still be held even if cremation is chosen

This is the first item on the list because it exemplifies the preconceived notions that most of us have about cremation. Many people, because of our cultural bias toward associating burials with memorial services, believe that if a body is cremated, no funeral is held.

No, unfortunately, that is not the case. Though some families opt out of memorial services in favor of direct cremation, funerals are often held either before or after a cremation.

2. Nothing except ashes

After a cremation, the family may choose to either take the remains home in an urn or scatter them. Many people just think that’s the case with them.

The opposite is true. They are hardly distinguishable from ashes. Bones from the dead have been crushed to ash for the last resting place.

Learning more about the cremation process, such as the information provided here, may help one better understand its fundamental characteristics. For instance, it’s not as easy as just burning a corpse to ash at a crematorium. The high temperatures used in crematoriums destroy all a body’s tissues.

The only thing that should be left after a cremation is the bones. Staff at the crematorium will then use powerful grinding equipment to reduce the remains to a more manageable size for the deceased’s loved ones to take home.

3. This practice has mostly supplanted traditional funerals

For a long time, burial has been considered the default method of corpse disposal in many regions of the globe, even when cremation is also an option.

Even it is shifting. It’s no secret that cremation is gaining popularity. Indeed, 2015 was the first year in which a greater percentage of Americans chose cremation than burial.

There might be a wide variety of causes for this pattern. Costs associated with funerals being on the rise is one such example. When comparing the costs of burial with cremation, burial is often more costly.

People’s growing acceptance of cremation may be linked to the expansion of faiths that accept it. Because, for instance, Catholic doctrines have always said that cremation is wrong because the body is sacrosanct and not merely a temporary receptacle for the soul, this practice has been widely rejected by Catholics throughout history.

In contrast, Vatican tolerance on this issue has increased in recent decades. As a result, Catholics now have a greater tolerance for the cremation of family members and friends.

Another possible explanation is the growing interest in environmental responsibility. Since cremation often requires less resources than burial does, it may be the most environmentally friendly option.

4. It’s an ancient method

When you consider how long cremation has been practiced, the idea that it is on the upswing seems hilarious.

cremation service Clarksburg MDAlthough the specifics of how a person is cremated have evolved somewhat from the year 1000 BCE, cremation has been a common Western practice for some time. However, it’s possible that cremation had been practiced in some form by other societies for thousands of years before to then.

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