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Alternative Urn Idea

Popular Urn Alternatives

For some individuals, an urn might be their number one choice for housing their loved ones, but they might want to have a different option for others. Once the cremation services are scheduled with one of the crematories or funeral homes in Columbia, MD, there will need to be a way to house the remains and keep them safe. Understanding all your options can help you in the process when it comes to making this critical decision, so here is more information.

Plaque Choices

One option is to purchase a plaque mounted on a wall that also works as an urn. The design has a hollow space in part of the frame that will hold the individual’s ashes, and the companies that specialize in these will customize them for the loved one.


If the individual with someone who liked working around their home, you might consider purchasing a toolbox or utilizing one they had to house the remain. You can also use a tackle box if the individual likes to fish, and in either situation, the container can be filled with unique items like keepsakes or mementos and their remains.

Wine Bottle

For the wine connoisseur, you can have a specially-made bottle that can be personalized for the loved one. Companies are also offering personalized aging barrels for enthusiasts with different whiskeys, and these can also be inscribed and adored to be as extravagant as you would like.

Picture Frame

Another available option is picture frames designated explicitly for storing the ashes. This can be a comforting and straightforward option to have their picture on display and know that the loved one is there alongside this.

Kitchen Items

If the person was a baker or chef, you could consider utilizing kitchen storage items too; how remains. This could mean taking a cookie jar or some specialty item adorning it with personalized decoration to be dedicated to them.

Book Urn

This option is a great one for those who are reading enthusiasts. In most situations, they will be made from wood and etched with different inlays to make them look like an actual book. Once completed, you can place the individual remains inside, which will be stored there.

Outdoor Items

The last suggestion is to utilize some form of outdoor item such as a watering can or sealed bird feeder. These can both be placed around an outdoor area as a way to honor any loved one who adored gardening.

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These are just a few of the available suggestions to choose from, so it might be worth doing some research to define the one that’s right for your loved one. Some people buy urns to keep their loved ones’ cremated remains close by. Others find it acceptable, if not preferable, for the person who wants this as a permanent fixture in his or her life and home décor. Going through the process of loss can be a challenging experience for some individuals, so you want to have the highest level of professional care when choosing one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD. we are locally owned and have been serving our local community for over four generations so if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements, contact us today.