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At Sea Burials Options

Having an At Sea Burial is a Unique Way to Send Off Your Loved One, so here’s More on Them

It is not uncommon for individuals to choose a traditional burial with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD. But for others, it may feel more authentic to have a burial at sea instead. These events have been taking place for thousands of years, and we have gathered some facts about them to help you understand some considerations about them.

What Regulations Are in Place?

At-sea burials can either be done through full body disposal or cremation, and the EPA has a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed to complete these ceremonies, including:

  • The disposal needs to take place at least three nautical miles from land
  • Depending on the location, the water will need to be between 600 and 1800 feet in depth
  • Any items that are placed in the water with the body need to be row degradable
  • If a casket is going to be used, it needs to have holes drilled in it to assure that it sinks
  • Weights and chains can be added to the casket to ensure it stays on the bottom of the ocean floor
  • The EPA needs to be notified at least 30 days in advance of the event

Navy Process

This option is available for anyone who served in the military, and the event will be held on I shipped it is on deployment. This means that the family is not going to be able to attend the event, but a commanding officer will send a notification to them, letting them know the location, time, and date of the ceremony. This is a free option; if the individual has any specific religious preferences, these would also be honored at the event.


If the individual is a civilian, the family must charter a ship with a company specializing in these events. A funeral director will also need to be present for the disposal, and different sizes of vessels are available depending on the event’s needs.

Cremation Options

Scattering the ashes is also a common practice, and, in most cases, most professional companies will offer this service as well. There are some guidelines for this type of event as well, so it can be helpful to check with local agencies before scheduling. In addition, biodegradable urns are available as an alternative to scattering the ashes into the waves.

When You Need a Trusted Name at Your SideFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD

While the most common choice for most individuals is to scatter the ashes, full body disposal is also an excellent option for anyone who loves the water. Working with a professional team at one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, can make a difference in the process, and we work hard to help make the event as streamlined as possible. Our team of experts takes great pride in offering exceptional services, so contact us today and have a talk of a lifetime.