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How Can You Show Support to a Grieving Family

It’s not easy to find the right words or actions to comfort a friend or loved one who’s suffering a loss. Many difficult feelings, such as despair, rage, guilt, and an overwhelming sense of loss, plague the bereaved. Many individuals are uncomfortable reaching out to others in mourning due to their own discomfort with the intensity of the suffering and the complexity of the emotions involved. You can refer a bereaved family to funeral homes Columbia, MD for funeral arrangements. But we also have some tips that you can do to help the bereaved family.

Giving something

We haven’t always had the best reputation for flowers, and that’s because, it’s hard to know what to do with them after the ceremony, and flowers die and smell horrible. To tell the truth, I often send flowers when I think it is proper to do so. Send flowers if you believe the recipient would enjoy receiving them or if you think you may be the only one to do so.

You may wish to think outside the box if you get the impression that plenty of people will be sending flowers. People have mentioned the following recommendations as very helpful:

  • Food prepared at home
  • Possessions to save as mementos
  • Staples and edibles
  • Letters and cards written with thought
  • Store credit for everyday needs or self-care activities

Provide helpful assistance

Because their lost loved one was used to taking care of specific tasks and functions, and because it may be difficult to focus on the finer points of daily life while feeling the throes of sorrow, grieving individuals often need practical assistance. To determine how you might best assist a loved one, you must first consider their potential needs and the specific talents you bring to the table. If you can’t cover a loved one’s prospective need yourself, try giving them a gift card they may use to employ someone at their earliest convenience (i.e., a cleaning service or a landscaper).

The physical and/or emotional presence of friends and family members has been cited by many as one of the most meaningful gestures made to them in the aftermath of a death in the family. I want to make it clear that “being there” is more than just saying “let me know if you need anything” if you really want to help. If we’re being honest, this is usually the final thing someone says to a grieving loved one before disappearing forever. It’s not useful in any way.

The following are only a few of the many possible ways to really “be there:”

  • In person, at the mourners’ moment of need
  • continued to call or text to see how things were going often
  • Frequently told “I adore you” or “I’m thinking about you”
  • Eaten with the grieving when they could tell

Allow yourself to “go there” with them.

Having loved ones who can be there during tough times without attempting to repair everything or displaying signs of being afraid, uncomfortable, or judgmental is a blessing for which many are grateful.funeral homes Columbia, MD

There is no one definition for what it means to “get there” with a grieving person. Several well-known cases in point include…

  • Accept the sobbing, yelling, and outbursts as they happen.
  • Remain seated in complete quiet
  • Remember the deceased by bringing up their name, stories, and feelings.
  • Let the grieving individual weep in peace.

These are just some of the ways that you can do for the grieving family. Reach out to us.  For funeral pre-arrangements you can find funeral homes Columbia, MD for assistance.


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How will Advance Funeral Planning Help Your Family?

Although the emotional gains from prearranging one’s funeral are obvious, the financial advantages are often overlooked. It is important for seniors to include funeral planning in their long-term budgeting. Preplanning one’s funeral can have a significant financial impact in a few crucial ways. So, finding a good funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD to guide you in the process is also important.

But to give you more information of how advance funeral planning can help you, we have compiled a few points for your guidance.

Can save you from overspending

Family members are left to speculate on the wishes of the deceased when funeral and burial instructions are ambiguous or nonexistent. In such cases, families may spend excessively on a monument due to the powerful feelings associated with bereavement. Overspending can be reduced or avoided altogether with some forward preparation and conversation regarding the end of life. When someone preplans their funeral, they can decide on a budget and specify the goods and services they would like to have (or not have) provided.

Learn How to Give Them What They Really Want

For major purchases like cars, electronics, and vacations, most consumers will look around to get the best deal on the features and performance they want at a price they can afford. When deciding on a funeral home, it is important to do the same amount of study and cautious selection. Finding the proper funeral home requires doing research on the various possibilities and making comparisons. If your loved one wants to be sure they are getting a good deal, encouraging them to look around now can help.

Enjoy Yesterday’s Costs Forever

Many funeral establishments now provide prepayment options in addition to funeral planning services. Since inflation is expected to cause prices of products and services to rise, taking advantage of this option to lock in current pricing is a prudent financial decision. The monies from preneed plans are usually used to buy an insurance policy or placed in a trust and can be paid for in a flat amount or spread out over time. Following the decedent’s passing, the designated funeral home will be paid the designated amount. To learn more about the rules and regulations surrounding preneed money in your state, consult with a funeral director. Having one’s financial resources handled by a trustworthy service provider should give one peace of mind.

Gain access to further advantages

Additional funeral assistance may be available to certain individuals, such as veterans. Families may learn about these advantages early on and incorporate them into their plans (both practically and monetarily) if they start preparing for them in advance. In addition, they will have amassed all the data necessary to apply for these advantages in advance. Additional benefits and qualifying requirements can be discussed with a local funeral provider from Dignity Memorial.

Everyone, regardless of age or means, should make their final preparations in advance. Planning a funeral ahead of time is not only the responsible thing to do but also a wise financial move, as it spares loved ones from having to make tough choices during a terrible time.funeral home in Clarksburg, MD Choosing the type of memorial, you want will assist your loved one’s budget and understand how you would like to be remembered, even if you do not pay for the preparations in advance.

If you have already made up your mind about advance funeral planning, reach out to us and visit funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD for further assistance.


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Choosing an Estate Planner

When It is Time to Create the Estate Plan, Here are Tips for Finding a Reputable Planner

If you are planning services with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, and are considering creating an estate plan, you need a qualified professional at your side. With all the different specialists, it can feel confusing to choose, so we have created this guide with a few tips and considerations to ensure you select a planner that works for you.

Ask Around for Referrals

If you are already using a financial advisor, they are a great starting point because they may be able to connect you with someone that can help. Asking other attorneys, accountants, or family and friends are also sources that can offer personalized experiences to help you narrow down your search.

Check Online Reviews

Google is also an excellent resource because all the reviews will be based on real experiences and situations. The reviews can give you a better understanding of what the individual is capable of and if they can offer you the proper support and knowledge needed for your specific situation.

Questions for the Planner

You need the estate planning lawyer to be able to meet your needs, and you may want to consider finding someone who not only has certifications in estate planning but has been practicing law for a few years and who has passed the bar exams. A few questions to ask the individual include:

  • How long have you been practicing estate planning?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • What areas are they going to be able to support you with?
  • What are their fees?
  • Do they have someone to fill in if they are not available?
  • How long does the finalization process take?

You also want to pick a firm with a solid track record and good credentials. You want to be comfortable with the individual because they can make the process stress-free and much easier, so be sure to take your time when deciding.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few questions you will want to consider after you meet with the individual and some examples are:

  • Do you feel like you had a good rapport with them?
  • Would you feel comfortable talking to them about personal matters?
  • How comfortable were you overall when speaking to the person?
  • How was their bedside manner?
  • Did you agree with their values?
  • Did they communicate clearly and well?
  • Are they able to meet your needs and finalize any pertinent documents?

When You Need Quality Care and Authentic Services, We Are Here for You

Finding the right estate planning attorney starts with thorough research and taking the time toFuneral Homes in Silver Spring MD interview professionals if that’s what feels appropriate. And if you or someone you know needs to preplan the services, we are your local professionals. Our team runs one of the long-standing funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, with compassion and professional support, and we’re here to answer all your questions, so contact us today to get started with your pre-arrangement.

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5 Tips for Holiday Grief

Navigating Grief Is Challenging, During the Holidays, so Here are Five Helpful Tips

Holidays can be a complicated time of the year, and joy is a focus for many people. But for those who have lost a loved one, this can be a challenging experience to navigate. The funeral homes in Columbia, MD, can help you create a memorable event, but after it’s completed, that will require learning to navigate around the loss. Understanding ways to make the holidays an easier experience is crucial, so we have five great resources listed here.

Make Alterations to Events

If there are many different events scheduled, this could feel overwhelming, Because the emotions of grief can be an exhausting process. Family traditions can be a great way to stay connected, but they may feel like too much at the time, so consider making changes to them if it feels appropriate. This could include incorporating new traditions, changing arrival or departure times, or speaking with the coordinator to find an alternate option for connecting.

Practice Time and Energy Management

Grief is complex and finding ways to practice self-care and manage energy levels is crucial. If you notice you need more sleep or rest, be sure to include these as a priority because grief can manifest in different ways. Be sure to include getting enough water, moving your body through exercise, participating in hobbies, and doing your best to eat healthy foods instead of holiday goodies can all help contribute to an easier experience.

Find Ways to Honor the Deceased

Take time to decide how you want to honor the loved one. If they had any favorite holiday traditions, you might consider incorporating that and making time for the activity. You can also include them by using their favorite decorations or cooking a favorite recipe to add to a family dinner. Regardless of what you choose to do to honor them, make sure it feels authentic and like the appropriate choice.

Allow the Emotions

Grief can bring up many different emotions, so one way to help prepare for this is to allow it to be there if it arises. Whether the expression is done through tears, art, or self-care, these can all be critical factors in the healing experience.

Make Time to Give to the Community

One of the most rewarding ways to process grief is by supporting others who need help. Taking time to donate to a loved one’s favorite charity or scheduling time for volunteering can be important ways to make a difference and do something valuable in the name of your loved one.

Our Team of Experts is Here to Support You

Learning to navigate through the emotions that can arise around more challenging days is crucial, and these are just a few resources to utilize whether you or a loved one are going Funeral Homes in Columbia MDthrough the grief process. For some individuals, finding ways to honor the loved one is the best method to help with the grief support, and if you need to schedule services with one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD, we would love to support you through the process. We are locally owned, and our company has served our community through four generations, so call us today. .

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Tips and Ideas for a Truly Thoughtful Memorial

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, can offer you a space to not only pre-plan for events but create ones that are authentic for your loved ones. The memorial services can be a way to help develop a sense of healing and connection and offer an opportunity to celebrate the individual’s memory. And although it may be challenging to pick the details if they don’t have a plan in place, we have included some helpful suggestions to get you started.

Have an Open Mic

One of the strongest reminders of a loved one’s legacy is through the sharing of stories about them. An open mic at the memorial service allows friends and family members to offer their experiences with the person and highlight how the individual positively affected their lives.

Create a Painting

One way to make a memorable impression for attendees is to have a piece of artwork created about the loved one. Paintings, photo displays, and other decorative items that commemorate the individual’s life can be genuinely touching and meaningful additions to the event.

Display Their Hobbies

Most individuals have hobbies they enjoy regularly, and if your loved one had collections, this could be a unique option to include. Whether they were a scrap booker, photographer, or collect stamps, these can all be a way to highlight something that they truly enjoyed and were passionate about.

Add a Theme

Themes are another way to showcase the individual’s life. Consider things they enjoyed, and whether it was chocolate chip cookies or a specific shade of blue, these can be added to the memorial to remember them.

Do a Release

Releases are another standard option, and they can be an experience that can signify sending off the loved one at the event. Butterflies, doves, and even paper lanterns can all be exceptional options for adding a sense of beauty to the service.

Have Everyone Contribute to a Capsule

One popular option is to create a capsule full of memories about the individual. This could be a box or container that attendees can contribute to by adding items that they feel represent the loved one’s legacy. It can be a comforting option to look through and remember the individual on special days like birthdays or memories.

Write Messages on the VesselFuneral Home in Clarksburg MD

The last recommendation is to provide sharpie markers and have the attendees write messages to the individual on the casket or coffin. This can be an excellent way for individuals to process their grief and express pain around the loss of the person.

We are Here as a Trusted Source of Care

Creating an exceptional service is easier if you consider ways to incorporate interests or specific things about the loved one’s life. It can help give a sense of closure and healing to those in attendance, and if you need additional help, you can always reach out to loved ones for ideas.

When it’s time to plan the event with one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, having a professional on your side is crucial for funeral etiquette, and we would love to help you from start to finish, so contact us today or check our community outreach.

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At Sea Burials Options

Having an At Sea Burial is a Unique Way to Send Off Your Loved One, so here’s More on Them

It is not uncommon for individuals to choose a traditional burial with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD. But for others, it may feel more authentic to have a burial at sea instead. These events have been taking place for thousands of years, and we have gathered some facts about them to help you understand some considerations about them.

What Regulations Are in Place?

At-sea burials can either be done through full body disposal or cremation, and the EPA has a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed to complete these ceremonies, including:

  • The disposal needs to take place at least three nautical miles from land
  • Depending on the location, the water will need to be between 600 and 1800 feet in depth
  • Any items that are placed in the water with the body need to be row degradable
  • If a casket is going to be used, it needs to have holes drilled in it to assure that it sinks
  • Weights and chains can be added to the casket to ensure it stays on the bottom of the ocean floor
  • The EPA needs to be notified at least 30 days in advance of the event

Navy Process

This option is available for anyone who served in the military, and the event will be held on I shipped it is on deployment. This means that the family is not going to be able to attend the event, but a commanding officer will send a notification to them, letting them know the location, time, and date of the ceremony. This is a free option; if the individual has any specific religious preferences, these would also be honored at the event.


If the individual is a civilian, the family must charter a ship with a company specializing in these events. A funeral director will also need to be present for the disposal, and different sizes of vessels are available depending on the event’s needs.

Cremation Options

Scattering the ashes is also a common practice, and, in most cases, most professional companies will offer this service as well. There are some guidelines for this type of event as well, so it can be helpful to check with local agencies before scheduling. In addition, biodegradable urns are available as an alternative to scattering the ashes into the waves.

When You Need a Trusted Name at Your SideFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD

While the most common choice for most individuals is to scatter the ashes, full body disposal is also an excellent option for anyone who loves the water. Working with a professional team at one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, can make a difference in the process, and we work hard to help make the event as streamlined as possible. Our team of experts takes great pride in offering exceptional services, so contact us today and have a talk of a lifetime.

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Support Options for Grief

If You or Someone You Know is Grieving, Finding the Right Support is Crucial, so here are Some Options

Funeral homes in Columbia, MD, can be an excellent source for creating unique and authentic services after a loved one passes away. There may be some situations where they have grief counseling available, but in most cases, the individual will need to seek out their resources to navigate these feelings. Understanding the different options available is crucial, so we have created a list of helpful resources that can help work through the emotions of grief.

Support Groups

One of the first great resources to utilize is to find a support group. This could be an online or in-person experience; for some people, it can be what they need because, in most cases, the space will be free of any kind of judgment. Grief support groups also don’t traditionally have therapy in them, and most individuals have either gone through grief or are currently experiencing it, which can create a sense of connection and understanding.

Friends and Family

Another helpful area is to utilize or reach out to loved ones. This could be friends or family members; it can be a great resource because the individuals might also be going through the process of grief. Finding time to connect with them may not only be helping you, but it could also help them to talk about their emotions and create a sense of care for everyone involved.

Professional Services

For some individuals, choosing a professional service might be better when expressing feelings about the loss. Hiring an outside individual can be highly beneficial because they are not emotionally attached to the individual who’s passed away. This means you will get a more objective point of view on the experience which can offer new ways to look at the situation and teach helpful coping skills.

Volunteer Organizations

There are a large number of volunteer organizations that offer grief support, and these can be found online. They range from specialized services to traditional loss of loved ones, so consider researching these to find the right option.

Self-Care Tips

The last recommendation for support is to consider self-care. Grief can be a challenging experience to go through, so taking the time to do things that are considered pleasurable or enjoyable can be highly beneficial. Getting body work done like massages or investing in mindfulness or meditation classes can also help process emotions.

If You Need Exceptional Care, we are a Trusted NameFuneral Home in Columbia MD

The experience of grief is going to be different for each person, so remembering to be patient with the process is crucial. Getting the proper support for all the effects of the loss is critical, and if you’re looking at professional funeral homes in Columbia, MD, to schedule the services, we would love to help you through the process. Our company is locally owned and has been operating since the early 1900s with a focus on providing honest and compassionate services, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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Winter Burial Tips

Burying a Loved One Can Happen Any Time of the Year, so here are Some Considerations for Colder Months

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, are local experts when it’s time to lay a loved one to rest In a meaningful way. And if the individual passes away in the wintertime and you live in a colder climate, you might be concerned about whether you can have a traditional burial. So, we have created this article to help give you some insight into the process and how it is completed in colder months.

Can You Bury a Loved One in the Winter?

Due to advanced technology, burying people in the wintertime is possible, but this wasn’t always the case. In most situations, individuals only had a shovel, and the family would have to wait until spring to complete the process. The deceased were placed into a receiving vault designed to hold bodies for extended periods.

Fortunately, now families don’t have to wait to bury their loved ones until the weather gets warmer due to machinery and alternative burial options. But depending on the environment, If the weather is too erratic, it can potentially delay the experience for a short period.

What is Used to Help this Process?

Wintertime burials or common practice now, and almost all mortuaries and funeral homes have equipment that can make it possible to refrigerate the deceased for extended periods. If the family wants to wait until springtime to have the service, the body can be placed in a mausoleum as a temporary holding space.

Four specific pieces of equipment are used for burials in cold months, including:


This option is one of the more recent inventions; it is used to heat the ground with a torch to make it softer to dig in.


The backhoe will technically be attached to a digging crane; they can break through the frozen ground much more quickly than other methods.


The jackhammer is the most common option, and it’s used to break through the upper layers of the frost. However, it can take longer to dig the grave, but it can be more affordable and effective than other solutions.


Heaters are used to melt the frozen ground, and either be electric or charcoal run.

Are there Graveside Burials During Winter?

In most cases, a family can’t choose to have the graveside services even in the winter, but the weather will affect this. Some cemeteries can make accommodations for this situation; they may have plowing services available to create safer access to the plot site. And in some cases, the families may choose to have an alternative service and hold the event at a different location.

We Offer Exceptional Care and ServicesFuneral Home in Clarksburg MD

As you can see, if your loved one does pass away in the wintertime, it is possible to have a traditional burial, and the weather will be contingent on the surfaces. And if you’re looking at funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, we have you covered with compassionate care. We have been in business since the early 1900s and have provided services for our community based on care and commitment to quality, so contact us today when planning in making arrangements.

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Eulogy Delivery Tips

Delivering and Creating a Eulogy Is Simpler with these Great Tips

The eulogy is a document commonly read at the services performed with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, and can offer a sense of connection and healing for those suffering the loss. This speech is integral to reflect on aspects of the person’s life, so we have created this helpful guide to get you started in developing and delivering a thoughtful and memorable eulogy.

What Should You Add to It?

Traditionally, the eulogy is intended to highlight an individual’s life and what they offer to the world around them. The idea is to highlight specific parts of their personality and who they were when they were living positively. A few pieces of information you can add to the eulogy are:

  • If they had any special activities or interests
  • What they did for a living
  • If they had any accomplishments in education or work
  • Any special or unique relationships they had with friends or family
  • Stories or memories that you shared with them

Edit and Review

Once you’ve completed the document, it’s essential to review it because this ensures that you have fixed any errors with grammar or spelling. It also can allow you to add additional information that you feel is important. You might also consider speaking with friends or family members who knew the individual to see if they have anything they would like to add to make it a more memorable document.

Practice the Speech

Taking the time to practice reading it can help you understand the tone of your speech and the appropriate volume needed for your voice. It also allows you to review document sections that may be more emotionally challenging to read through when you’re in front of an audience.

Use Note Cards

Note cards can be a highly recommended addition for delivering the speech. They not only help support you if you find yourself sidetracked by emotions, but they also can help highlight important parts of the document that you want to cover.

Accept What Comes

The last consideration is to understand that loss is challenging for almost everyone. This can be important to recognize while reading in front of the audience because you may have different emotions. Remembering that the individuals at the event our friends and family members and that they are there to remember the loved one, offer support, and not judge can also be helpful.

A Trusted Source for Compassionate Care

Finding ways to create a thoughtful and memorable eulogy can help create a more positive andFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD enhanced experience for anyone at the event. And if you are looking for professional and expert support from one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, let us help you through the process. We are locally owned and have been providing exceptional services with compassionate care for over four generations for our community have the talk of a lifetime now. We understand what it takes to create a truly meaningful event, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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Creating a Meaningful Obituary

Writing the Obituary is Crucial, so here are Some Great Tips to Get you Started

Funeral homes in Columbia, MD, offer essential services to honor an individual after they have passed away. It’s important to let others know about the loss, so writing an obituary might be required, and if you’ve never had to write one before, it can be confusing to create a meaningful one. You can follow several steps and we have them listed here in this article, so keep reading for more information.

What Goes in the Obituary?

Traditionally, an obituary will have basic facts about an individual’s life. This will include information about where they were born and their date of birth, and some people choose to add information to make it more personalized. Its primary purpose is to notify the public about the loss and information about the funeral services but making it more personalized can be helpful.

Gather Facts

One of the first steps is to gather all the facts about the individual you want to include in the document. Keep in mind that you don’t know who will be reading the content, so keeping it more straightforward might feel like the appropriate choice. You can also reach out to friends or family members because they may have additional information that they think is important to include in the document and can help it feel more meaningful.

Tell the Person’s Story

Your main priority is to talk about the individual’s life, and a traditional obituary will start from birth and progress until they have passed away chronologically. It’s not uncommon to add in other information like accomplishments or things they were involved in and their passions. You can also talk about who the individual was and what made them unique, and you may want to add any more specific information, like if they had any traditions they followed or how they wanted to be remembered.

Remember, there is No Perfect Way to Complete it

The last thing to remember when you are writing an obituary is that there is no specific way to write one. There’s no perfection in any individual’s life, and everyone has different experiences. It can also be difficult to summarize an individual’s life in a short document, so you only want to include essential or pertinent things for others to know.

In addition, you also want to keep in mind that if you have a public or private service, mention this in the obituary. And if the individual had any causes or a place where contributions can be made, you can also include this in the obituary for people to donate.

Your Local Source for Compassionate CareFuneral Home in Columbia MD

Writing the obituary is one part of the process, and if you need support and are looking at funeral homes in Columbia, MD, we would love to help you. We are a locally owned company that has been providing professional care for our community for over four generations, so contact us today if you have any questions or any to schedule an appointment for any of our services.