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Eulogy Delivery Tips

Delivering and Creating a Eulogy Is Simpler with these Great Tips

The eulogy is a document commonly read at the services performed with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, and can offer a sense of connection and healing for those suffering the loss. This speech is integral to reflect on aspects of the person’s life, so we have created this helpful guide to get you started in developing and delivering a thoughtful and memorable eulogy.

What Should You Add to It?

Traditionally, the eulogy is intended to highlight an individual’s life and what they offer to the world around them. The idea is to highlight specific parts of their personality and who they were when they were living positively. A few pieces of information you can add to the eulogy are:

  • If they had any special activities or interests
  • What they did for a living
  • If they had any accomplishments in education or work
  • Any special or unique relationships they had with friends or family
  • Stories or memories that you shared with them

Edit and Review

Once you’ve completed the document, it’s essential to review it because this ensures that you have fixed any errors with grammar or spelling. It also can allow you to add additional information that you feel is important. You might also consider speaking with friends or family members who knew the individual to see if they have anything they would like to add to make it a more memorable document.

Practice the Speech

Taking the time to practice reading it can help you understand the tone of your speech and the appropriate volume needed for your voice. It also allows you to review document sections that may be more emotionally challenging to read through when you’re in front of an audience.

Use Note Cards

Note cards can be a highly recommended addition for delivering the speech. They not only help support you if you find yourself sidetracked by emotions, but they also can help highlight important parts of the document that you want to cover.

Accept What Comes

The last consideration is to understand that loss is challenging for almost everyone. This can be important to recognize while reading in front of the audience because you may have different emotions. Remembering that the individuals at the event our friends and family members and that they are there to remember the loved one, offer support, and not judge can also be helpful.

A Trusted Source for Compassionate Care

Finding ways to create a thoughtful and memorable eulogy can help create a more positive andFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD enhanced experience for anyone at the event. And if you are looking for professional and expert support from one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, let us help you through the process. We are locally owned and have been providing exceptional services with compassionate care for over four generations for our community have the talk of a lifetime now. We understand what it takes to create a truly meaningful event, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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Creating a Meaningful Obituary

Writing the Obituary is Crucial, so here are Some Great Tips to Get you Started

Funeral homes in Columbia, MD, offer essential services to honor an individual after they have passed away. It’s important to let others know about the loss, so writing an obituary might be required, and if you’ve never had to write one before, it can be confusing to create a meaningful one. You can follow several steps and we have them listed here in this article, so keep reading for more information.

What Goes in the Obituary?

Traditionally, an obituary will have basic facts about an individual’s life. This will include information about where they were born and their date of birth, and some people choose to add information to make it more personalized. Its primary purpose is to notify the public about the loss and information about the funeral services but making it more personalized can be helpful.

Gather Facts

One of the first steps is to gather all the facts about the individual you want to include in the document. Keep in mind that you don’t know who will be reading the content, so keeping it more straightforward might feel like the appropriate choice. You can also reach out to friends or family members because they may have additional information that they think is important to include in the document and can help it feel more meaningful.

Tell the Person’s Story

Your main priority is to talk about the individual’s life, and a traditional obituary will start from birth and progress until they have passed away chronologically. It’s not uncommon to add in other information like accomplishments or things they were involved in and their passions. You can also talk about who the individual was and what made them unique, and you may want to add any more specific information, like if they had any traditions they followed or how they wanted to be remembered.

Remember, there is No Perfect Way to Complete it

The last thing to remember when you are writing an obituary is that there is no specific way to write one. There’s no perfection in any individual’s life, and everyone has different experiences. It can also be difficult to summarize an individual’s life in a short document, so you only want to include essential or pertinent things for others to know.

In addition, you also want to keep in mind that if you have a public or private service, mention this in the obituary. And if the individual had any causes or a place where contributions can be made, you can also include this in the obituary for people to donate.

Your Local Source for Compassionate CareFuneral Home in Columbia MD

Writing the obituary is one part of the process, and if you need support and are looking at funeral homes in Columbia, MD, we would love to help you. We are a locally owned company that has been providing professional care for our community for over four generations, so contact us today if you have any questions or any to schedule an appointment for any of our services.

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Cemetery History and Facts

Cemeteries Offer Great History and Insight, so here are Some Interesting Facts About them

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, offer an essential service for friends and family members to lay loved ones to rest after they have passed on. Traditional burial will require utilizing a cemetery and purchasing a casket, burial plot, grave liner, and headstone. Cemeteries have an interesting history, so this article will discuss some facts about them to help give you more information.

Headstone Inscriptions are Called Epitaphs

Epitaphs or a commonly used option for people after they have buried a loved one. In colonial America, the inscriptions were not what they are today that would make statements about how the individual had passed away. As society’s knowledge of death evolved, these phrases and sayings changed into words about grief, hope, and even humor, depending on the individual.

Some Graves Face East

Early American settlers would have their graves with the feet pointing east. This was due to their faith that if they were to be reborn, they would easily rise to face the new day’s sun. However, this changed once cemeteries started being built in rural areas. Because the graveyards were placed on hilly terrain or along winding roads, the graves’ directions changed.

The Headstone Material Had Meaning

Headstones were commonly made from sandstone, sleep, granite, limestone, marble, and even some wood options. Wealthy families typically had marble and granite as their material choice, while lower and middle-class families used wood, lime, and sandstone.

Cemeteries Have Rules

Another interesting fact about cemeteries is some have specific rules that individuals follow. a few examples can include:

  • Having a set opening and closing time for the property
  • Opening any speed limit
  • Not disturbing the graves
  • Keeping pets on a leash
  • Not leaving any decorations behind on the gravesite

You Might Find Obelisks in a Cemetery

As cemeteries were being decorated war heavily in the 1840s, individuals started noticing obelisk stones in graveyards in the Americas. This was due to an interest in Egyptian culture because the obelisks offered a patriotic look at a more affordable cost than large monuments.

Cemeteries Are Used in Many Ways

The last interesting fact is that graveyards are used for more than just burial processes. Some individuals may find it to be a quiet and welcoming environment to have a picnic or find it to be a relaxing space. Other cemeteries are used for educational purposes, and they may have a museum with art, or this space can be used for events like music or showing movies.

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Our Services are Trusted and Professional

Cemeteries have a rich history, and they are a vital part of burial for individuals after loss. Planning the services or pre-arrangements at one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, might feel like a challenging situation if you’ve never been through it before, so we are here to help you. We are a family-owned and operated business that has provided exceptional services for over four generations for our community. We understand the pain of loss and what it takes to create a memorable event so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Decorating the Headstone is a Common Practice, so here are Some Tips and Ideas

Funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, are the first place individuals will turn to after a loved one has passed on to create meaningful and thoughtful services. If the individual is buried in a traditional method, the loved ones will need to purchase a cemetery plot, casket, grave liner, and headstone. The headstone is a marker of where the individual is laid to rest, and in most cases, people will choose to have a personalized inscription placed on it. If you want to decorate the outside of it, this article discussed some popular options, so keep reading for more information.


The way you choose to decorate the headstone is a personal experience, and it can also be based on what you’re trying to reflect, depending on your emotional state. One of the most common decorations that people will leave add a headstone or flowers. Some monuments can have a vase incorporated directly into the design, making the experience easier if you plan to visit frequently.

And the flowers you choose will also have different meanings based on the colors and type you select, so it’s recommended to do some research or simply pick what feels right at the moment.


The loss of an individual means that they won’t be there to experience day-to-day situations, and flowers aren’t the only choice. It’s not uncommon if someone served in the military for individuals to place a flag that signifies the country, they served in.

Others may choose to bring more personal items that the individual enjoyed, like a favorite book or even notes with an inscription about the person. If the individual enjoyed a specific hobby, you could also incorporate this into your chosen decorations. For example, if they liked sports, you could leave a memento like a softball at their headstone or a favorite artistic item they used as a paintbrush.

Holiday Options

The holidays can be a more challenging time for individuals after they have suffered a loss, and it’s not uncommon for people to decorate the headstones with items based on the time of year. This is especially true if the holiday is an important one to the deceased and decorating the monument can be a way to still have them involved in the celebration even if they’re not there physically.

Exceptional Care and Services You Can Count On

If you are planning on decorating the headstone, one thing that is recommended is to makeFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD sure that you check with the cemetery before leaving any items behind. Some properties have more rigid rules about what is placed on the headstones, so contact them before purchasing.

Planning the event can be a challenging experience for some if you have never had to go through it before. And if you’ve recently started looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, we are the local professionals you can trust. We have been offering exceptional pre-arrangement services since the early 1900s so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Picking the Service Music

Music Can Be a Way to Honor the Loved One at the Services, so Here are Some Helpful Suggestions

When an individual passes away, it’s not unusual for the family to reach out to funeral homes in Columbia, MD, for guidance and scheduling the services. There are many different details that can go into the event, and they can all directly affect the ambiance of the services, especially around the music choices. If you must pick the selection, this article will discuss this topic more in-depth to help you choose music that feels appropriate for the event.

Why the Music Matters

Music can be a good representation of who an individual was after they have passed on. Picking specific tracks or pieces can help give a better idea and understanding of what they meant to their family and friends, which is why it’s essential to choose something that feels authentic and true to the situation.

Check with the Venue

One of the first things you need to do is check with the venue to ensure that you can play the kind of music you want to house there. Because there are some situations where individuals might have cultural or religious traditions to consider, this is vital to ensure that you can accomplish with the chosen location.

Will it Be Live or Recorded?

The next question that you can ask yourself is, will you have live music, or will you create a DVD with a prerecorded soundtrack? If the funeral is for someone who was deeply involved in a religious community, you may check with their organization to see if they have any vocalists that would like to contribute. It’s not uncommon for churches to have guitars or choirs available.

You could also check with the service director of the Funeral Home to see if they have any music on hand to help accommodate. In addition, it can also be thought to have a family member or friend sing at the event.

What Would the Loved One Have Wanted?

Also, consider what kind of music the loved one would have enjoyed having at the services. It’s important to choose pieces that will reflect who the individual was, so if they have a favorite song or artist, this could be added to the event.

Ensure Lyrics are AvailableFuneral Homes in Columbia MD

One thing to keep in mind is no matter what kind of music you’re choosing to have at the event, if you’re picking one particular song as a theme about the individual, have the lyrics printed out. This could be a thoughtful and memorable option because it would allow others to add in song and sing along if they choose to in memory of the loved one.

Trusted and Local Professionals

Choosing the right music can be a critical part of the process, and just like the rest of the details, you may need help with the planning, and we are here to assist you. We are one of the local funeral homes in Columbia, MD, and have been providing exceptional care services since the early 1900s, so if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today or visit our locations.

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Ideas for Memorial Services

You Want the Services to Be Truly Authentic, so Here are some Tips and Suggestions to Follow

If you have recently lost a loved one in your needing to schedule with one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, it can be challenging to try to navigate the emotions while at the same time planning the services. Understanding how to create a truly memorable event is essential, so this article will discuss some ideas and suggestions you can consider, including the services.

Have a Personal Celebration at a Favorite Location

One way to honor them after they have passed away is to go to a location that they enjoyed or one that you spent time with them at and have a more private and personal service for them there. This could be completed after the traditional Funeral services and include anyone close to the individual.

Interesting Flower Ideas

Flowers are a common item that people will include at events, and in most cases, the purchase will be a standing or casket spray for the service, but you are not limited to just this. If you are having a reception, it can be a nice touch to add an arrangement at the tables or some greenery around any photos you might have displayed.

Some people go for a traditional display with lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. Still, you may want to pick an entirely different kind of flower that better represents your loved one.

Include a Candlelight Eulogy

It is not uncommon for candles to be lit in memory of the individual, and this is just one other way to help remember them. This could be combined with a eulogy reading to create a truly thoughtful and intimate expression of the grief and sadness of the loss.

Decorate for the Loved One

If the loved one had a hobby such as golfing or sports, they enjoyed, you could consider adding this into the decoration display. Incorporating items like the team’s colors or fishing lures can help show something they admired and give some insight into who they were.

Select More Upbeat Music

At most services, the music that will be played will be somber, but it doesn’t have to be the case. If the loved one was a jovial and more lighthearted person, you might consider picking more upbeat music, which might better represent who they were.

Add in an Activity

If it feels appropriate, you could add an activity that others can participate in. For example, if your loved one enjoyed playing board games, you may have some setup as an option for individuals to take part in as a way to participate in something they enjoyed.

Thoughtful and Honest ServicesFuneral Home in Clarksburg MD

Finding ways to remember your loved one and celebrate them is essential and if you need to schedule with one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, let us help you through the process. We are a locally owned and operated company providing our community with the highest level of care since the early 1900s, so if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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Headstone Design Ideas

Tips and Suggestions for Designing a Loved One’s Headstone

After your loved one passes away, when you start connecting with funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, one of the events that will need to be planned is the burial process for the individual. This will require purchasing a plot and a burial vault or grave liner, and a headstone to completely lay them to rest. If you want to decorate the monument, you might be confused about what’s appropriate, so we have gathered some options in this article to help you decide.

Design Options

There are few limits on what you can put on a headstone, part of the personalization process. You can make a genuinely authentic grave marker for them because they come in multiple materials, shapes, color designs, and font variations.

Keep it Simplified

if the individual was more of a straightforward kind of person, you might not need to put a lot of detail into the headstone. In many cases, simply listing their information like their name, date of death, and date of birth would be enough.

Add an Image

Technology is now advanced enough to have an image of the individual who has passed away imprinted into the stone. Depending on your preference, some companies can even offer the photo in black and white or color.

Representation of Hobbies

If the individual had a hobby that they truly enjoyed, this could also be incorporated into the details of the headstone. Items like motorcycles, books, or even musical instruments can put that personalized touch on them.

Add a Vase

If you are going through designs, another option is to have a vase placed inside it. This can be helpful if you are planning on returning and bringing flowers to the site, but you want to be sure to check with the cemetery for any specific rules around this.

Wedding Rings

If a couple is laid to rest in the same plot, one popular option is to have a photo of wedding rings linked together as part of the details. Some individuals have requested that the wedding date be added to this image.


Nature is another standard detail that people will add to the headstone. Whether it’s butterflies, flowers, or trees, these can offer an aesthetically pleasing and significant detail to the marker.

Religious Symbols

Religion can be an essential part of an individual’s life, and there are many different symbols to choose from, including the Star of David, praying hands, cross, or even having a verse from the Bible incorporated into the marker.

Quality Services and Professional CareFuneral Homes in Silver Spring MD

There are thousands of different ways to personalize the headstone, and similar to the services, you want the details to count when it’s time to schedule with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, finding a local and trusted source can make the difference in the experience. We would love to help you through the process. We are locally owned and offer a wide variety of services, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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Investing in a Plot

The Plot is Part of Laying a Loved One to Rest, so here is More Information on Them

Whether you have decided to preplan or a loved one has passed away, you will need to reach out to funeral homes in Columbia, MD, to get the details set. One of these details will be choosing a cemetery plot if the individual is choosing to have a traditional burial process. There are a few things to understand about this to help you make the right choice, so we have included the information here.

Types of Plots 

There are four main types of burial plots that you can choose from, including:


This size is exactly what it is called and is meant for one person only and is the most common plot you will find in a cemetery.


The next option is meant to be a space for multiple individuals and, in most cases, will be reserved for family members. In some cases, they may purchase a specific location inside the cemetery, which will be identified and, in some instances, enclosed. The area might have one large headstone with the family’s information, and the plots can be side by side in a row.


If two individuals want to be buried next to each other, the companion plot is ideal. This is traditionally used for individuals or couples and is typically placed side by side. There’s also the option of having a double depth plot that is one ample space with the right caskets stacked inside it.

Plots for cremated remains 

Burying cremated remains is also an option, and a standard plot is all that will be required for this.


Depending on the location you choose to be buried, the prices will fluctuate. For a public cemetery, the cost will range between $200 and $2000, but this can vary depending on if the individual is being buried in a rural or urban area.

A plot in a private cemetery can cost between 2000 and $5000 depending on the location, and they have gone up as high as $25,000 for a plot in a highly-populated area.

A public cemetery for cremated remains will range between $350 to $500, and in a private cemetery, they can go between $1000 and $2500.

Things to Consider

A few other things that will need to be considered are additional costs like purchasing the grave marker. Most private cemeteries will require the purchase of a burial vault or grave liner because these can help prevent the earth from falling in on the individuals buried there. There may also be paperwork fees and burial permits to be acquired to finalize the process.

Consistent and Trusted SupportFuneral Homes in Columbia MD

As you can see, there are several things to consider about cemetery plots, and when you start reaching out to funeral homes in Columbia, MD, it can give you a better idea of what you need when death occurs. Having a trusted local professional to help you through the process is essential. We have been in business since the early 1900s, providing our community with the highest level of care on the market, so contact us today for assistance.

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Alternative Urn Idea

Popular Urn Alternatives

For some individuals, an urn might be their number one choice for housing their loved ones, but they might want to have a different option for others. Once the cremation services are scheduled with one of the crematories or funeral homes in Columbia, MD, there will need to be a way to house the remains and keep them safe. Understanding all your options can help you in the process when it comes to making this critical decision, so here is more information.

Plaque Choices

One option is to purchase a plaque mounted on a wall that also works as an urn. The design has a hollow space in part of the frame that will hold the individual’s ashes, and the companies that specialize in these will customize them for the loved one.


If the individual with someone who liked working around their home, you might consider purchasing a toolbox or utilizing one they had to house the remain. You can also use a tackle box if the individual likes to fish, and in either situation, the container can be filled with unique items like keepsakes or mementos and their remains.

Wine Bottle

For the wine connoisseur, you can have a specially-made bottle that can be personalized for the loved one. Companies are also offering personalized aging barrels for enthusiasts with different whiskeys, and these can also be inscribed and adored to be as extravagant as you would like.

Picture Frame

Another available option is picture frames designated explicitly for storing the ashes. This can be a comforting and straightforward option to have their picture on display and know that the loved one is there alongside this.

Kitchen Items

If the person was a baker or chef, you could consider utilizing kitchen storage items too; how remains. This could mean taking a cookie jar or some specialty item adorning it with personalized decoration to be dedicated to them.

Book Urn

This option is a great one for those who are reading enthusiasts. In most situations, they will be made from wood and etched with different inlays to make them look like an actual book. Once completed, you can place the individual remains inside, which will be stored there.

Outdoor Items

The last suggestion is to utilize some form of outdoor item such as a watering can or sealed bird feeder. These can both be placed around an outdoor area as a way to honor any loved one who adored gardening.

From Your Family to Ours  funeral home in Clarksburg MD

These are just a few of the available suggestions to choose from, so it might be worth doing some research to define the one that’s right for your loved one. Some people buy urns to keep their loved ones’ cremated remains close by. Others find it acceptable, if not preferable, for the person who wants this as a permanent fixture in his or her life and home décor. Going through the process of loss can be a challenging experience for some individuals, so you want to have the highest level of professional care when choosing one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD. we are locally owned and have been serving our local community for over four generations so if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements, contact us today.

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Self-Care Tips for Grief-Funeral Homes in Silver Spring MD

Grief can be a challenging experience for some, and because it has five stages, it can feel confusing on how to process the emotions that can arise after the services at one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD. Self-care is not just a catchy phrase in our society now; it offers a way to heal and practice doing activities that give comfort. Understanding the options is essential, so here is more information to help.

Connect with Others

When an individual is going through healing after a loss, they may feel alone as they learn to navigate the feelings they are experiencing. One way to help promote the process is to connect with others because it can foster a sense of connection and comfort, especially if they are also experiencing the loss. Whether you choose to have a meal or make a phone call, these can both offer a sense of care, knowing others are there and understand.

Get Moving

Exercise is an excellent way to keep an individual in the best shape possible. It increases the feeling of good emotions and can support the overall well-being of the person suffering. Getting up and moving can make a difference in your day, so doing the dishes or going for a walk can both potentially help increase your mood.

Express the Feelings

With all the emotions that can arise during grief, it may feel complicated to sort through all of them. Taking the time to express the feelings can help alleviate some of the pain and release it, which helps heal. There are several different options to do this, including:

  • Creating art
  • Keeping a journal
  • Speaking to someone

Do Something Enjoyable

When an individual is processing emotions, it can be helpful to participate in activities that are enjoyable for them. The grief has no set time frame to process, so if there is a fun activity, it may be helpful to take the time to schedule a training that offers some enjoyment because it can help distract from the pain, if even for a short time.

Rest if Needed

Depending on the situation, grief can be an exhaustive process to navigate. There may be a need to get more downtime to allow your emotions to process, so whether you go to bed sooner or get more naps, it can be a healthy way to take care of yourself.

Experienced and Professional Services

funeral home in Silver Spring MDAs you can see, there are many ways to care for yourself or someone else who is processing grief. There are multiple other ways that can be incorporated, and it is essential to find what works best for you to make it a regular practice.

Self-care is just one part of the process as you schedule details with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, so you want a company that truly understands how to create a thoughtful event for your loved one. We are a locally owned company serving our community outreach for over four generations, so if you have any questions, give us a call today to get started with your pre arrangements.