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Cemetery History and Facts

Cemeteries Offer Great History and Insight, so here are Some Interesting Facts About them

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, offer an essential service for friends and family members to lay loved ones to rest after they have passed on. Traditional burial will require utilizing a cemetery and purchasing a casket, burial plot, grave liner, and headstone. Cemeteries have an interesting history, so this article will discuss some facts about them to help give you more information.

Headstone Inscriptions are Called Epitaphs

Epitaphs or a commonly used option for people after they have buried a loved one. In colonial America, the inscriptions were not what they are today that would make statements about how the individual had passed away. As society’s knowledge of death evolved, these phrases and sayings changed into words about grief, hope, and even humor, depending on the individual.

Some Graves Face East

Early American settlers would have their graves with the feet pointing east. This was due to their faith that if they were to be reborn, they would easily rise to face the new day’s sun. However, this changed once cemeteries started being built in rural areas. Because the graveyards were placed on hilly terrain or along winding roads, the graves’ directions changed.

The Headstone Material Had Meaning

Headstones were commonly made from sandstone, sleep, granite, limestone, marble, and even some wood options. Wealthy families typically had marble and granite as their material choice, while lower and middle-class families used wood, lime, and sandstone.

Cemeteries Have Rules

Another interesting fact about cemeteries is some have specific rules that individuals follow. a few examples can include:

  • Having a set opening and closing time for the property
  • Opening any speed limit
  • Not disturbing the graves
  • Keeping pets on a leash
  • Not leaving any decorations behind on the gravesite

You Might Find Obelisks in a Cemetery

As cemeteries were being decorated war heavily in the 1840s, individuals started noticing obelisk stones in graveyards in the Americas. This was due to an interest in Egyptian culture because the obelisks offered a patriotic look at a more affordable cost than large monuments.

Cemeteries Are Used in Many Ways

The last interesting fact is that graveyards are used for more than just burial processes. Some individuals may find it to be a quiet and welcoming environment to have a picnic or find it to be a relaxing space. Other cemeteries are used for educational purposes, and they may have a museum with art, or this space can be used for events like music or showing movies.

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