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Choosing an Estate Planner

When It is Time to Create the Estate Plan, Here are Tips for Finding a Reputable Planner

If you are planning services with one of the funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, and are considering creating an estate plan, you need a qualified professional at your side. With all the different specialists, it can feel confusing to choose, so we have created this guide with a few tips and considerations to ensure you select a planner that works for you.

Ask Around for Referrals

If you are already using a financial advisor, they are a great starting point because they may be able to connect you with someone that can help. Asking other attorneys, accountants, or family and friends are also sources that can offer personalized experiences to help you narrow down your search.

Check Online Reviews

Google is also an excellent resource because all the reviews will be based on real experiences and situations. The reviews can give you a better understanding of what the individual is capable of and if they can offer you the proper support and knowledge needed for your specific situation.

Questions for the Planner

You need the estate planning lawyer to be able to meet your needs, and you may want to consider finding someone who not only has certifications in estate planning but has been practicing law for a few years and who has passed the bar exams. A few questions to ask the individual include:

  • How long have you been practicing estate planning?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • What areas are they going to be able to support you with?
  • What are their fees?
  • Do they have someone to fill in if they are not available?
  • How long does the finalization process take?

You also want to pick a firm with a solid track record and good credentials. You want to be comfortable with the individual because they can make the process stress-free and much easier, so be sure to take your time when deciding.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few questions you will want to consider after you meet with the individual and some examples are:

  • Do you feel like you had a good rapport with them?
  • Would you feel comfortable talking to them about personal matters?
  • How comfortable were you overall when speaking to the person?
  • How was their bedside manner?
  • Did you agree with their values?
  • Did they communicate clearly and well?
  • Are they able to meet your needs and finalize any pertinent documents?

When You Need Quality Care and Authentic Services, We Are Here for You

Finding the right estate planning attorney starts with thorough research and taking the time toFuneral Homes in Silver Spring MD interview professionals if that’s what feels appropriate. And if you or someone you know needs to preplan the services, we are your local professionals. Our team runs one of the long-standing funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, with compassion and professional support, and we’re here to answer all your questions, so contact us today to get started with your pre-arrangement.