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Decorating the Headstone is a Common Practice, so here are Some Tips and Ideas

Funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, are the first place individuals will turn to after a loved one has passed on to create meaningful and thoughtful services. If the individual is buried in a traditional method, the loved ones will need to purchase a cemetery plot, casket, grave liner, and headstone. The headstone is a marker of where the individual is laid to rest, and in most cases, people will choose to have a personalized inscription placed on it. If you want to decorate the outside of it, this article discussed some popular options, so keep reading for more information.


The way you choose to decorate the headstone is a personal experience, and it can also be based on what you’re trying to reflect, depending on your emotional state. One of the most common decorations that people will leave add a headstone or flowers. Some monuments can have a vase incorporated directly into the design, making the experience easier if you plan to visit frequently.

And the flowers you choose will also have different meanings based on the colors and type you select, so it’s recommended to do some research or simply pick what feels right at the moment.


The loss of an individual means that they won’t be there to experience day-to-day situations, and flowers aren’t the only choice. It’s not uncommon if someone served in the military for individuals to place a flag that signifies the country, they served in.

Others may choose to bring more personal items that the individual enjoyed, like a favorite book or even notes with an inscription about the person. If the individual enjoyed a specific hobby, you could also incorporate this into your chosen decorations. For example, if they liked sports, you could leave a memento like a softball at their headstone or a favorite artistic item they used as a paintbrush.

Holiday Options

The holidays can be a more challenging time for individuals after they have suffered a loss, and it’s not uncommon for people to decorate the headstones with items based on the time of year. This is especially true if the holiday is an important one to the deceased and decorating the monument can be a way to still have them involved in the celebration even if they’re not there physically.

Exceptional Care and Services You Can Count On

If you are planning on decorating the headstone, one thing that is recommended is to makeFuneral Home in Silver Spring MD sure that you check with the cemetery before leaving any items behind. Some properties have more rigid rules about what is placed on the headstones, so contact them before purchasing.

Planning the event can be a challenging experience for some if you have never had to go through it before. And if you’ve recently started looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, we are the local professionals you can trust. We have been offering exceptional pre-arrangement services since the early 1900s so contact us today to schedule an appointment.