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Funeral Reception Ideas to Make Your Event Great

The funeral reception is a time for individuals to gather to reflect on the deceased and how they affected their lives. So, when you are planning the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, you may want to consider your options for the reception. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when you are starting to organize the event.

  • What was the deceased like?
  • Who were they when they were alive?
  • Were they silly and jovial?
  • Were they kind and sincere or more formal and solemn?

Once you have an idea of the answer to these questions, you can start setting an outline of what you want your event to look like.

Ideas for the Reception


Photos are way too to recall specific memories and allow people to bring up their memories depending on the person’s demeanor. The images will also help create a more robust visualization for people as they’re going through the process of acknowledging the loss.

Décor Options

Decoration options are great because you can adjust them to the individual who has passed away. So, if you have someone who was a sports fan or perhaps loved science fiction, you can create a thoughtful and intentional representation to help honor them.

Music Choices

Another excellent choice is to play favorite music that the individual loved. This will help with connecting the attendees to the individual even further.

Memorable Favors

Some events will offer memorabilia that individuals that are attending can take home with them. Another option is to create a menu item based on the individual, Such as a favorite recipe or drink. Remember, this event is all about the individual, so it is OK to overindulge when displaying or promoting things they liked.

Memory Shares

A great option is to allow individuals to share memories about the deceased. These can be things that they experienced or that they enjoyed that happened with the person. This is a more informal option so use discretion as you plan these specifics.

Ways to Let Go

Some other suggestions are to create a sendoff for the loved one. Some people will use fireworks, releasing doves or butterflies, or light paper lanterns. In addition, having the urn displaced is a choice as well.

What Food do you Serve?

Food traces can vary, and you may decide to have a simple function such as a potluck. You may be considering having a more formal process and having appetizers with the main entree. We recommend viewing your budget as you are planning, depending on how many people are attending.

Final Considerations 

Planning cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, can be stressful, and it is essential to ensurecremation service in Silver Spring MD that you are asking for help if applicable. It’s OK to keep the event more simplistic and keep in mind to give yourself the appropriate amount of time needed to get the event scheduled. Snowden Funeral Home understands how painful it is to suffer a loss of a loved one, so give us a call today and let us help you through the steps to creating an event that is memorable and compassionate.