How do you Hold a Funeral Reception?

When planning a burial reception and looking for funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, you may be wondering how to start the planning. The process can be made into a step-by-step procedure to create a beautiful memorial. Having an end goal will help you start defining what your steps are for your event.

What is the Purpose of a Funeral Reception?

The reception is the time after the services intended for the loved ones to gather to honor the departed. It is generally more leisurely and involves things like food and moments to remember the individual. The reception can be held directly after the services but may be prolonged depending on the situation.

How do you Plan a Funeral Reception?

Having a checklist that you can mark off might make it easier, especially if you are grieving while trying to get the function organized. Here are some tips to help get you started and make the process an easier one to arrange.

Pick a Date, Time, and Location

The best information to start with is when are you going to have the event? Will it be after the service or at a different time. There’s no specific way or structure this needs to be scheduled for. It depends on what the family’s needs are. Another thing to consider is where you are going to have the event. Many funeral homes will offer a place to hold a reception in the facility and have unique rooms dedicated to those. The other option is to have it at a specific location like a church or an event center, or even someone’s home is a great choice. In addition, ensuring that you have enough tables and chairs for everyone attending is a priority.

What is Your Budget

The event can get expensive depending on how many people are attending, so you will have to know your budget before you schedule it. Another thing to consider is having a potluck that allows individuals to contribute to the event and help them feel like they are offering assistance in some way.

What Will be Served? 

Is this function going to serve appetizers followed by the main entree, or will you do something simpler like a small self-serve buffet? We recommend considering what time of day the event will be held and creating your menu around that.

Other Considerations

The last thing you’ll need to consider is getting your invitation sent out, and it’s recommended that you also create a thank you speech for those who have decided to attend. You may want to have individuals help with the cleanup to make it easier on you after the event is completed.

Creating a Memorable Event funeral home in Silver Spring MD

Planning an event that creates a memorable and lasting impression for your loved one is essential. Having a company that can support you while you’re going through the process is a priority. When looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, you want a caring, supportive team to help you with these hard decisions. Snowden Funeral Home is here for you, so give us a call today to get started.