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Jewelry Ideas After Cremation

After your loved one passes away and the cremation services in Clarksburg, MD, are scheduled, it’s not unusual to experience many emotions as you adjust to life without the person. Finding a way to get through the experience after they are gone can be essential and carrying them with you can be done with jewelry. There are many excellent choices available on the market, so here are just a few to choose from to find the right one.


Depending on the level of extravagance that you want to go with the jewelry piece, you might consider a heart-shaped locket. These can be etched and come in various materials and be adorned with gems like diamonds if you so choose. The space inside the locket will traditionally hold a small amount of the ashes or even a lock of hair, depending on what you want to carry.


Some companies specialize in cremation bracelets. The piece will have an adjustable rope to fit any size wrist, are waterproof and incredibly durable, and come with a space to hold the individual’s remains.


The rings will vary, and one popular option is a compass ring. These are designed to hold a small portion of the ashes of your loved one in a waterproof section. They also have rings where the ashes have been incorporated into a diamond that is then mounted onto the piece of jewelry.

Urn Necklace

There are several different kinds of urn necklaces available on the market, and one popular option is the hourglass shape. These are known for being high quality and stylish, and they come with an option to unscrew the top where the ashes can be added to the piece. The urn-style necklaces can also be engraved to adorn a personalized message about the loved one.


Pendants or charms can also be another great option because they come in multiple shapes and sizes, like teardrops or moons and stars. The only limit to creating an exceptional pendant is your imagination, so whether you are looking for something with a night swirl or a tree of life, you can create a striking piece that will help remember your loved one.

Other Considerations

Depending on the type of peace you’re creating, the materials will vary from gold to titanium and even wood, so understanding your budget before starting can be highly beneficial. In addition, if you’re looking for something simpler and would like to create a simple gemstone, you might consider having a diamond made that you could use later to place inside a piece of jewelry.

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