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Popular Ceremony Ideas for an Ash Scattering

Cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, are a thoughtful and honorable way to send off a loved one after they have passed away. Some people may not want to keep the remains at home in an urn, or the loved one may have requested to be scattered. If this is the situation, creating a scattering ceremony can be an essential part of laying them to rest, so this article will discuss some popular options to include in the ceremony.

Organizing the Event

The scattering ceremony is no different from any other event because the details can make a difference in the overall experience. The first thing you need to do is pick the location where you will scatter the ashes. This could mean choosing an area meaningful to the loved one or even a place that they enjoyed immensely, such as a park or private property.

You can start planning the event and some popular details you can include are:

  • Having a food and beverage service
  • Choosing music to play at the scattering
  • Asking others to share stories about the individual
  • Picking decorations that are personalized around the loved one

You will need to schedule a time for the event, and if it’s an outdoor area, you may have to reserve the location. If you choose a public site and you want a more private event, select timing for the ceremony when it’s less likely for large numbers of people to be there.

The last consideration is who will be doing the scattering of the ashes. Some people choose to have one person do it, and others may want to include multiple individuals, so take this into consideration.

Scattering Details

Fireworks: Companies are now offering to incorporate ashes into the fireworks, which can be let off as a way of scattering them. This can create a significant and authentic experience for anyone in attendance.

Trenching: Trenching is creating a small hole or trench in the earth and then placing the cremated remains in the space. If you’ve chosen a more private location, you might consider creating a monument or plaque to create a marker of the spot they were released.

Raking: Raking is when the remains are raked into the soil. Multiple individuals or one person can do this, and this can be enhanced by having a releasing ceremony such as doves, butterflies, or paper lanterns.

Casting: Casting Is the traditional method of releasing the remains into the wind. In most cases, words will be spoken about the individual as they are being let go, and it is recommended to purchase a scattering tube for this type of ceremony.

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Professional and Caring Services

The scattering ceremony will occur after the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, and can be a heartfelt way to say farewell to a loved one. If you need assistance in planning the services from start to finish, we are here to help. We have been in business since the early 1900s providing exceptional care so contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment or see our community outreach.