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Ways to Express Feeling When in Grief

Grief is a natural and essential part of the healing process for individuals to go through. It can look different for each person, and there’s no set amount of time that the emotions will last. Because there are five stages, it can feel confusing for some, especially after the services are completed at one of the funeral homes in Columbia, MD. It’s essential to find ways to express the pain of the loss, and here are just a few suggestions to get started.

Keep a Journal 

For some people, grief can make them feel like they have many emotions running through them but do not know how to express them. One great place to start to lay out how you feel is to keep a journal. A journal will give you a place to look at your emotions as you’re writing them out in any way that you see fit. This could mean using different colored pens or pencils, making pictures, whatever way feels right to you is appropriate.

Writing Unsaid Words

When an individual passes away, there may be things that you had left unsaid, or you just might want to tell them that you care for them. A letter can be a great way to express emotions around the individual’s last and let them know how you are feeling. Once you’re completed, you can choose to keep the document, or you may want to find other ways to let the letter go to let the feelings go.

Connect with Others

Depending on the person, it might feel challenging to talk to others about the loss and your experience. But in many cases, this can be a very healing experience if the other individual is also grieving because coming together can create a sense of connection and a feeling of support.

Seek Outside Support 

Sometimes it can be beneficial to have an outside perspective on a situation. This is no different when it comes to loss period; trained therapists and counselors can help you talk about your emotions and work through the grief in a healthy way. Reaching out to a professional can be an effective method to opening up and processing grief.

Embrace the Emotions

One of the last suggestions is something that has been recommended around the world, and this is through meditation. In many cases, when individuals are in a state of grief, they may try to avoid the feelings, but meditation focuses on expressing them and letting them go to reduce some discomfort. Thankfully there are many different resources online listed as guided meditations that can be beneficial.

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