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What is a Eulogy, and How do you Write One?

If you’ve been asked to read a eulogy, you may be experiencing some anxiety or uncertainty if you have never had to give one before. A traditional burial service regularly happens in funeral homes in Columbia, MD, so there’s a good chance that yours will be no different. The eulogy is to pay tribute to the individual who has passed away in a way that honors their memory.

If you are not comfortable with writing, this could be challenging. But it can also be a rewarding experience because it allows you to reflect on how the individual affected your life. It is meant to be used to reflect on memories, accomplishments, and anything else that might honor the deceased and create a farewell that is a healing experience.

How Long Does It Need to be? 

The traditional eulogy is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes long, which is one to two pages typed out. It’s advised to spend some time editing it and practicing speaking it out loud, so you know how it sounds.

What do you Include?

The document can contain things like accomplishments, add any details to help describe individual positive light. Some examples might include:

  • your memories with them
  • personal goals or hobbies they enjoyed
  • things that they accomplished in their life
  • what their relationships was like with family and friends

You can include things like favorite songs or poems. In addition, if they had something they had written like a mantra, or you can add in a short version of their life story. It’s also good to be mindful of who will be attending the function because the eulogy will be delivered to all different ages, so making sure your information is appropriate. You also want to focus on the positive qualities and avoid any unfinished business or negative expressions.

Eulogy Specifics and Getting Organized

You can start by gathering memories you have, or others have contributed. What kind of a person were they? Highlighting specific things about them like, did they have hobbies or make the best lasagna you have ever had? You can also include things like how you met them and a favorite memory.

funeral homes in Columbia, MDYour next step is to get organized and look for a common theme between the information you have, such as the individual being brave or friendly. Once that’s completed writing a draft, editing it, and practicing it will be your next steps before delivering it.

Ensuring your Service is the Best it Can Be

Even if you’ve never written a eulogy before, following these simple steps will make the process an easier one for you. And if you are looking at funeral homes in Columbia, MD, Snowden Funeral Home is here to help. We believe in providing the highest quality care and compassion that is marked a business that has been run for over 100 years. We want to help you get through the process and help you create a memorial that honors your loved one.