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When Should You Prefer a Funeral Over a Cremation?

If you speak to the funeral director at any reputable funeral home in Clarksburg, MD, they will certainly let you know that funerals and cremations are both honorable body dispositions. Even so, you’ll find that there are definitely times when you will want to focus on planning a funeral. It’s not because a funeral is inherently better than a funeral – because it really isn’t. But what might be the right fit for someone else isn’t necessarily the right fit for you.

Read on to see certain cases when you probably won’t want to consider arranging a cremation.


For some families, the body disposition of choice when a loved one dies is a funeral service with a graveside service, a casket burial, and a reception to wrap things up. Some traditions are worth keeping. So if your family gains strength by going with funeral services rather than by planning cremation services, you will likely want to stick with tradition. There’s nothing wrong with cremations, of course, but some families might prefer the tradition that comes with funerals. And if this tradition has served your family well for generations, there’s no reason to change.

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Personal Preference

If you’re planning a body disposition for someone who you know did not wish to be cremated, then you will want to focus on planning a funeral. There are lots of reasons why someone might not want to be cremated. Sometimes it’s simply based on misinformation. They might not know enough about it or might have bought into some of the myths and misconceptions about cremation. But none of that matters if the person is dead and can no longer speak for themselves. The bottom line is that you’ll want to honor the wishes of your deceased loved one. This is actually one reason why it makes sense for people to preplan their own final services. That way, there won’t be any guesswork after they die. They will get the final services they want.

Religious Considerations

Does your family practice a religion that doesn’t favor cremation? Most religions accept both funerals and cremations. If yours doesn’t prohibit either body disposition type, you’ll be able to choose the one that is best for you and your family. But there are some religions that don’t want their followers to be cremated. There’s even at least one religion – Hinduism – that requires its adherents to be cremated rather than to be buried. Are you unsure as to what your religion’s position is on suitable body dispositions? Your best bet is to ask a funeral director. You can also ask someone connected to your faith community for the answers you seek.

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funeral home in Clarksburg, MD

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