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When to Plan a Funeral Service Rather than a Cremation Service


Are you in the process of planning a funeral service or cremation service in Silver Spring, MD? Both final service options will afford you the opportunity to give your deceased loved one a fitting final send-off after a life well-lived. But while both body disposition types are honorable, there are times when it will be obvious that a funeral is preferable to a cremation.

Here are some examples of how you can tell that you need to arrange a funeral service.

The Deceased Had Wanted to be Buried

If your deceased loved one had desired to be buried, then the decision is rather simple. You will want to honor your family in all thing and this includes even the final service they get. Whatever their reasoning for having wanted to be buried rather than cremated, you and your other loved ones should honor their wishes as far as possible. If they had not stated their preference, then you and your family will be able to come together and come to an agreement.

Your Family Has Never Planned a Cremation Before

If your family has never arranged a cremation before, you might not want to break with tradition. Cremation is now the most common body disposition option. Families tend to plan them because they’re cost-effective, easier to arrange than are funerals, and much more. But if your family’s tradition is to hold a ceremony in a church and then to bury the casket in a cemetery, you simply might wish to continue on with this important tradition.

Your Family Needs to Stay Together

Do you have burial plots in a cemetery? Do you simply want your family to rest in peace at the same cemetery? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to bury your parents in adjoining burial plots. If your family has purchased a number of burial plots for specific people, you will want to plan funerals rather than cremations when loved ones die.

Your Religion isn’t Big on Cremation

cremation service in Silver Spring, MD

Are you a member of a religious body connected to Orthodox Judaism, Islam, or even Russian Orthodox? If so, then cremation as a body disposition option is off the table. These religious bodies prohibit adherents from getting cremated, so you’ll want to plan a funeral service. Most religions around the world approve of both cremations and funerals. If you’re unsure about whether or not your church accepts or rejects cremation, ask a funeral home.

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