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Why Should You Consider Getting a Burial Vault?

Burial vaults are basically containers that are manufactured to encase the burial casket. They are usually made from concrete. Even so, they can be made from other materials as well such as plastic or metal. If you’re planning a burial with a funeral home in Silver Spring, MD, the funeral director may recommend that you also buy a burial vault for the casket.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why a burial vault is a good idea if you’re planning a burial.


Cemeteries Might Require it

The majority of cemeteries require an outer container for casket buried on their properties. If a burial vault is not used prior to burying the casket, there could be problems on the cemetery grounds. Specifically, ongoing maintenance performed by heavy equipment could lead to unlevel terrain as the earth above the casket shifts. This can make the terrain dangerous. But this problem is eliminated if the casket is first placed into a burial vault. What this all means is that you may not have a say as to whether or not you buy a burial vault. If you’re not interested in a burial vault, you are going to have to locate a cemetery that gives you a choice. Be forewarned, however, that most funeral homes do require a burial vault prior to burial.


Protects Casket

A burial vault will also protect the casket. If a casket is buried without a burial vault, it will cave in at some point. That’s definitely not something that families want to think about. The good news is that a burial vault will preserve the casket’s structural integrity.


Peace of Mind

It can be a sobering thought to imagine a casket being damaged underground. If your family wants to do everything possible to prevent anything bad from happening, then it might be worthwhile to simply purchase a burial vault. The casket will be protected from the weight of the earth, from insects, and from water. This can really give your grieving family the peace they need.


They’re Competitively Priced

Yet another reason to consider getting a burial vault is that they’re competitively priced. They will only cost a small fraction of what the casket cost. So you won’t have to spend a lot to get a lot of benefit. The funeral director who helps you plan the final disposition will be able to advise you.


funeral home in Silver Spring, MD

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