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Working with Compassion Fatigue

When you have a loved one who has lost someone close to them and they are looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, you may have been placed in charge of offering them care as they go through their process. The idea of having someone be a caretaker can be a comforting role for many, but for the person experiencing it, there are some serious things to consider. Compassion fatigue is a form of stress that can happen from caring for others too frequently without caring for yourself.

The constant state of worrying about the individual’s needs can create burnout in the person’s body and quickly happen if it is continuous. The symptoms can vary and cause long-term issues if they are not attended to, so here are some signs to look for.

Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

The issues that can arise come from ongoing stress from working with individuals who have been through trauma, so keep a close watch for some of these symptoms.

  • overly stressed
  • agitated or irritable
  • boredom or depression
  • lower immune system
  • lower energy for normal functioning

Compassion fatigue is problematic because you may feel like you are just helping and caring for your loved one, but this can negatively affect you. It may feel like you are working harder than you should be and that it takes more energy to get tasks done. This can feel frustrating if you are trying to help, but it’s essential to recognize that you need self-care to care for others.

What Can you Do?

There are a few things that you can do to help yourself keep a balance as you go through the situation with your loved one.

  • Start by looking at your health and how you are taking care of yourself.
  • Get exercise daily, even if it is just a 15-minute walk.
  • Find others to help fill in support roles.
  • Meditation and deep breathing can be beneficial.
  • Find support groups of others who are going through the same thing.
  • Take the time to have fun each day and do something special for yourself.
  • Practice your spiritual beliefs if applicable.

You may need to hire an outside agency to help you with the support if there is no one else you must count on. Multiple professional companies can assist with basic daily tasks such as grocery shopping, housekeeping, or other forms of primary care. In addition, you may have reservations about hiring an outside company, but without extra help, it can be detrimental to your health.

Meeting Your Needs

The role of a caregiver is an incredibly demanding and exhausting job at times, so keep in mindfuneral homes in Silver Spring, MD that it is okay to ask for help or support for yourself too. If you are looking at funeral homes in Silver Spring, MD, I need to find a quality company that offers compassionate care. Snowden Funeral Home is here to help. We offer professional and expert service with all your planning needs, so give us a call today.