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Columbarium Facts

Columbarium’s are a Vital Part of Cremation, so Here is More Information

Once your loved one has passed away, and you need to plan the cremation services in Silver Spring, MD, they may have requested to be buried in a columbarium after the process is completed. This is an effective and honorable way to lay them to rest, but you may not understand what these buildings offer or what will happen in the experience without the correct information. We want you to be confident in your decision, so we have gathered facts about them in this article to help you with the process.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure such as a room, building, or wall specifically designated for holding urns of those who have been through the cremation process.

What is the Niche?

All of the columbarium’s that are built have internal containers called niches. These are independent sections built into the structure with shelving units where the urns can be placed. The section then has a plaque attached to it that will list the information about the individual being housed there. Some columbarium memorials are outdoors that may have a stone that covers the space completely but will provide a section for flowers or mementos to be left by visitors.

Where Are They Located?

Depending on the location, the columbarium could be in a room at the back of a structure like a church or even built separately somewhere on the cemetery grounds. In some cases, they are attached to the crematorium, and they intend to create a peaceful space, possibly being located near a garden or the Chapel, to offer a quiet area for visitors.

Why Use a Columbarium?

Some individuals use the columbarium because of their specific faiths, stating that the ashes need to be kept in a sacred area instead of being scattered or with loved ones. They are common worldwide, and in some cases, multiple members of a family will be placed in the area together.

 What is the Cost?

The columbarium is generally not a permanent resting place and can be anywhere from $850 to $2500, depending on how long the area will be used. Each organization will have a different price range, so checking with the cemetery before scheduling is a vital part of the process to be prepared.

Alternatives for Cremation Burial

If a columbarium does not sound like the right choice, there are other options like purchasing a cemetery plot, placing the loved one in an urn garden, or even a burial at sea.

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