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Planning a Cremation? Here Are Some Things You Should Consider

Are you arranging a cremation service in Clarksburg, MD? If so, there are definitely some things about the body disposition that you should consider. As popular as cremation has become, there are still things about the body disposition that some people don’t know.

Here’s a look at things about cremation to know before planning one. While you may have heard of some of these things, changes are you may be unfamiliar with some of them.

Cremation is Poised to Become the Leading Body Disposition Type

There was a time when most families planned funerals and burials for their deceased relatives. But cremations are now about as common as burials, and industry statistics suggest that cremations will grow in popularity and become the leading body disposition type.

Cremation Doesn’t Involve Burning Bodies

When a deceased person’s body is placed into a cremation chamber, the heat generated inside reduces the body back to its basic elements. So don’t believe the idea that the body is set ablaze.

You’ll Need a Casket or an Alternative Container

You will need either a casket or an alternative container for your deceased loved one before they are placed into the cremation chamber. In addition to selling caskets, funeral homes also sell cardboard receptacles that can be used in place of a traditional casket. These alternatives are more cost-effective, so it’s a route you might want to consider.

Holding Cremation Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have a Service

If you believe that planning a cremation means you can’t also have a formal ceremony like a memorial service, think again. You can, indeed, hold a service or ceremony to honor the dead and to comfort those left behind to mourn their loss. Different funeral homes have different options as per services, so consider this before you select a funeral home.

There Are Many Permanent Memorialization Options Available

It’s also important to know that there are lots of permanent memorialization options if you plan a cremation. For instance, you can take their cremated ashes home with you in an urn, bury the urn in an urn garden at a cemetery, place the urn in a columbarium, get cremation jewelry, and more. You can ask the funeral director at the funeral home for more suggestions to consider.

Funeral Directors Can Help You Make Decisions

cremation service in Clarksburg, MDFuneral directors are there to help with planning final services. You likely already knew that. But they can also make recommendations and help you make decisions if you’re stuck. They’ll also help with important tasks like arranging the transport of the body, getting needed authorizations, and applying for the death certificate.

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