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Shipping the Remains

If You Need to Ship the Ashes, Follow these Suggestions for an Easier Process

Cremation services in Columbia, MD, are just one aspect of laying an individual to rest after they have passed away. In some situations, the family may choose to ship the remains to a different destination but getting started with the process can feel confusing if you have no experience. So, we have created this article to give you some ideas and considerations to make the process easier.

USPS has a Specialized Kit

Currently, USPS is the only company that will ship cremated remains. Fortunately, they offer a specialized kit that you can order online for free. It comes in two different options: the first kit is just the box trauma or the second kid, which contains the bubble wrap, express mail tape, sealable plastic bag, and the box. This is the recommended option to utilize because it is an easily recognized item by USPS, ensuring a safer, more efficient delivery of your package.

Use Caution with Packing the Contents

The next tip is to be mindful of how you are packing the contents; you want to place the urn or container inside a sealable plastic bag to ensure that there are no spills or sifting while it is being shipped. You can also add some additional bubble wrap or packaging material to the inside of the container because this will help reduce the risk of the contents moving around or shifting.

Another recommendation for packing the materials is to add a document with your contact information and the destination’s information as an extra added security benefit.

Use Label 139

This label is another essential part of the packaging, and if you use the kit from USPS, it will already be applied to the container. If you’re using your box, you want to ensure that this label is placed on all exterior surfaces of the container, including the top and bottom. The words cremated remains are written in bold letters with bright colors making it more noticeable for delivery purposes.

International Shipping

For international shipping, it is highly recommended to check with the country’s local embassy about the remains to go to ensure that they can be shipped there and that you follow all rules and regulations. Speaking to someone over the phone or by e-mail can help give you insight into any additional information you need and ensure that you have the appropriate customs paperwork.

Other Considerations

The last thing to consider is that shipping the remains will always risk damages or loss. One way to help ease the stress is to add on extra items like a signature required or proof of delivery.

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Shipping the remains can be made simpler with these steps and if you need support for the cremation services in Columbia, MD, let us guide you through the process. We are a locally trusted business that has been providing exceptional care for our community since the early 1900s, so have the talk of a lifetime for more information.