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Do You Want to Bury the Ashes? Here Are Some Options

Many people choose to bury the ashes of their deceased loved ones after cremation services in Columbia, MD. There are different ways you can go about doing so. Once you find out about these options, you’ll want to consider which of the ways make the most sense for you.

Here are a few options should you wish to bury the ashes after a cremation service.

Urn Garden

Many cemeteries have areas that are known as an urn gardens where people can bury the urns containing their loved ones’ ashes. So this is an option if you’d like to bury the ashes rather than to take the urn home with you after the cremation is completed. You can ask the funeral director you work with for recommendations as to what funeral homes offer urn gardens.

Private Property

You can also choose to bury the ashes on private property, such as in the backyard of the family home. It can be buried near a flower garden or it can be buried a ways off with some sort of marker so that people know that an urn has been buried in a particular location.

Grave Plot

It’s also possible to bury a casket in a grave plot. Some funeral homes will allow you to bury the urn on the plot of a loved one who was previously buried in the cemetery. As you well know, an urn is quite a bit smaller than a casket, so there’s definitely room to bury an urn on the plot of a loved one who predeceased the deceased. Not all funeral homes offer this, so you’ll want to find out. The funeral director will be able to help you with this request.


Another possible way to bury the ashes of a deceased loved one is to place the urn in a place called a columbarium. What is a columbarium, you ask? It’s a building, or a section of a building, where cremation urns can be placed in wall spaces known as niches. If you want a place to store your loved one’s urn, you will need to contact a columbarium and buy a niche to place it in. After you place the urn containing the ashes in the building, a plaque or marker will be used to communicate the resting place of your loved one’s ashes. One benefit of the columbarium option is that you can easily retrieve the urn whenever you wish. So if you will be moving elsewhere for a career change or for some other reason, you can take the urn with you.

cremation services in Columbia, MD

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