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Funeral Planning Questions & Answers

If you’ve never had to plan a funeral service before but now find yourself needing to do so, you’ll likely have lots of questions that you need answers to. While you’ll get all the answers you need from a funeral home in Silver Spring, MD, it doesn’t hurt to get up to speed before heading to the funeral home for a consultation. So that you know what to expect, what follows are answers to some common questions that people tend to ask about the death care services industry.

What is a Funeral Service?

A funeral service is an event for a dearly departed individual before the burial or the cremation. A funeral service provides the possibility for friends and family of the deceased to grieve their loss, give tributes, share recollections, and more. You can have a traditional funeral in a church or chapel, or you can have a contemporary funeral service wherever you wish.

What’s Better – a Cremation or a Burial?

The fact of the matter is that neither is better than the other. Whichever one your family prefers is the one you should plan – that is, unless the deceased had let their wishes be known. You’ll always want to honor the wishes of your deceased loved one. But if they did not preplan or let anyone know their preference before their passing, you’ll want to decide as a family.

Is it Possible to Customize the Funeral Service?

Most funeral homes will allow you to customize or personalize the funeral service. So if you want your cultural or religious background to be incorporated into the service, you can bet that the funeral director will work with you to ensure that you get the final service you want.

What’s the Appropriate Casket to Buy?

The funeral director at the funeral home will be able to help you choose the right casket ahead of your deceased loved one’s burial. You’ll want to come up with a budget beforehand so that the selection process will be more seamless for you and your family.

How Can a Funeral Director Help Me?

A funeral director will help you plan a cremation or a funeral, will explain the entire planning process, will answer your questions, will book the venue where the service will take place, will help you write the obituary and have it printed in a newspaper, will help you choose a casket or an urn, will provide any grief resources you or your family may need, and will do so much more.funeral home in Silver Spring, MD

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