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Tips and Ideas for a Truly Thoughtful Memorial

Funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, can offer you a space to not only pre-plan for events but create ones that are authentic for your loved ones. The memorial services can be a way to help develop a sense of healing and connection and offer an opportunity to celebrate the individual’s memory. And although it may be challenging to pick the details if they don’t have a plan in place, we have included some helpful suggestions to get you started.

Have an Open Mic

One of the strongest reminders of a loved one’s legacy is through the sharing of stories about them. An open mic at the memorial service allows friends and family members to offer their experiences with the person and highlight how the individual positively affected their lives.

Create a Painting

One way to make a memorable impression for attendees is to have a piece of artwork created about the loved one. Paintings, photo displays, and other decorative items that commemorate the individual’s life can be genuinely touching and meaningful additions to the event.

Display Their Hobbies

Most individuals have hobbies they enjoy regularly, and if your loved one had collections, this could be a unique option to include. Whether they were a scrap booker, photographer, or collect stamps, these can all be a way to highlight something that they truly enjoyed and were passionate about.

Add a Theme

Themes are another way to showcase the individual’s life. Consider things they enjoyed, and whether it was chocolate chip cookies or a specific shade of blue, these can be added to the memorial to remember them.

Do a Release

Releases are another standard option, and they can be an experience that can signify sending off the loved one at the event. Butterflies, doves, and even paper lanterns can all be exceptional options for adding a sense of beauty to the service.

Have Everyone Contribute to a Capsule

One popular option is to create a capsule full of memories about the individual. This could be a box or container that attendees can contribute to by adding items that they feel represent the loved one’s legacy. It can be a comforting option to look through and remember the individual on special days like birthdays or memories.

Write Messages on the VesselFuneral Home in Clarksburg MD

The last recommendation is to provide sharpie markers and have the attendees write messages to the individual on the casket or coffin. This can be an excellent way for individuals to process their grief and express pain around the loss of the person.

We are Here as a Trusted Source of Care

Creating an exceptional service is easier if you consider ways to incorporate interests or specific things about the loved one’s life. It can help give a sense of closure and healing to those in attendance, and if you need additional help, you can always reach out to loved ones for ideas.

When it’s time to plan the event with one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, having a professional on your side is crucial for funeral etiquette, and we would love to help you from start to finish, so contact us today or check our community outreach.