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Where Can You Host a Memorial After Funeral Service?

It’s a tradition to hold a funeral service at a Columbia, MD funeral home chapel or a church. But what are your options if you want to hold a memorial service after the funeral and burial? The good news is that there are various places you can hold a memorial service.


When you’re considering your venue options, you’ll need to keep in mind any group size or social distancing restrictions. If in doubt, be sure to ask.


One option is to hold the memorial service in a church. If you’re a member of a church, you might be able to hold the memorial service there either for free or for a nominal cost. One reason a church is a good option is that such buildings will typically have everything you need. There’ll be a section for the memorial service and there’ll be a place for the reception afterward. If you’re not a member of a church, you can find some searches in and around the area. Give them a call to enquire whether or not they can use the facilities for the memorial.

Private Home

Another option is to hold the memorial service in a private home – perhaps your own home. You will want to keep the event small if it will be held in a private home. So if you intend to hold it on your property, you will want to ensure that the group size is manageable. You might want to restrict it to immediate family members or to only members of the household. Whatever direction you take, you can definitely hold a meaningful memorial that honors your deceased loved one.


If you’re looking for a place to hold a memorial service, you can also choose the great outdoors. This time of year is definitely conducive to hosting an event outside. You can hold the memorial in a park, in your own backyard, or someplace else like a rural setting.


funeral home in Columbia, MDAnother option for holding a memorial service in honor of your deceased relative is a restaurant. Some restaurants have areas that can be reserved for different functions. As was hinted above, social distancing protocols currently in place might not make this option viable right now. But that doesn’t mean that these restrictions will stay in place forever.


When you need a funeral home in Columbia, MD to assist you with arranging a funeral service or a cremation service, be sure to get in touch. If you have any questions about memorial services, we can give you the answers you need for that as well. In fact, we have memorial service options that will help you honor your deceased loved one in a special way. We’re a family owned and operated funeral home that has been serving the community since the early 1900s. This means we have deep roots in the area and a connection to the people here. For the help you require, you can reach us by phone to speak with one of our licensed industry professionals. You can also visit our office to speak to someone in person.