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Picking the Service Music

Music Can Be a Way to Honor the Loved One at the Services, so Here are Some Helpful Suggestions

When an individual passes away, it’s not unusual for the family to reach out to funeral homes in Columbia, MD, for guidance and scheduling the services. There are many different details that can go into the event, and they can all directly affect the ambiance of the services, especially around the music choices. If you must pick the selection, this article will discuss this topic more in-depth to help you choose music that feels appropriate for the event.

Why the Music Matters

Music can be a good representation of who an individual was after they have passed on. Picking specific tracks or pieces can help give a better idea and understanding of what they meant to their family and friends, which is why it’s essential to choose something that feels authentic and true to the situation.

Check with the Venue

One of the first things you need to do is check with the venue to ensure that you can play the kind of music you want to house there. Because there are some situations where individuals might have cultural or religious traditions to consider, this is vital to ensure that you can accomplish with the chosen location.

Will it Be Live or Recorded?

The next question that you can ask yourself is, will you have live music, or will you create a DVD with a prerecorded soundtrack? If the funeral is for someone who was deeply involved in a religious community, you may check with their organization to see if they have any vocalists that would like to contribute. It’s not uncommon for churches to have guitars or choirs available.

You could also check with the service director of the Funeral Home to see if they have any music on hand to help accommodate. In addition, it can also be thought to have a family member or friend sing at the event.

What Would the Loved One Have Wanted?

Also, consider what kind of music the loved one would have enjoyed having at the services. It’s important to choose pieces that will reflect who the individual was, so if they have a favorite song or artist, this could be added to the event.

Ensure Lyrics are AvailableFuneral Homes in Columbia MD

One thing to keep in mind is no matter what kind of music you’re choosing to have at the event, if you’re picking one particular song as a theme about the individual, have the lyrics printed out. This could be a thoughtful and memorable option because it would allow others to add in song and sing along if they choose to in memory of the loved one.

Trusted and Local Professionals

Choosing the right music can be a critical part of the process, and just like the rest of the details, you may need help with the planning, and we are here to assist you. We are one of the local funeral homes in Columbia, MD, and have been providing exceptional care services since the early 1900s, so if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today or visit our locations.