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Traveling with Cremated Remains

Traveling with the Remains Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated, and Here’s How

It’s not unusual after an individual goes through the cremation services in Columbia, MD, to either need to take the loved one to a specific destination or they may choose to carry them with them in their travels. If you’re concerned about this process, we have gathered more information about it in this article to help give you some tips and suggestions to consider before making the trip.

Check with Your Airline

In most cases, an airline will allow you to travel with cremated remains to see whether they need to be brought on as cargo, a carry-on, or checked luggage. One way to accomplish this is by visiting the airline’s website and searching for the words “cremated remains” before scheduling the trip. In some cases, airlines may require seven days’ notice for this type of air cargo and can refuse the item.

It’s essential to make sure you arrive extra early to get through the security clearance with the remains so as to not miss the flight. In addition, when you’re going through security, make sure you have the appropriate documents like the certificate of death or cremation and any other paperwork involved around the funeral.

You can also check with funeral directors located where you’re traveling to determine if there are any additional regulations you need to be aware of.

Transporting Internationally

Traveling internationally can be a little more complicated and pose different issues because each country can have different requirements. For example, Germany requires that the remains be sent to a cemetery, and only a funeral director can send them, so make sure you do research.

One place to start is by contacting the embassy of the country you’re choosing to visit and inquire about any rules and legal requirements that they may have. Be sure to check with someone over the phone or via email instead of relying on a website because policies can change quickly.

TSA Guidelines 

TSA Has some specific guidelines, but they will never open a vessel or urn containing cremated remains even with permission. Their main priority is to be able to scan the container before boarding, and they will not let you transport them by air if this cannot be accomplished.

Other SuggestionsCremation Service in Columbia MD

Make sure the ashes are in a container that can be scanned when traveling, and once you arrive at your destination, you can transfer them back to the urn or other container you chose. Some recommendations of airport-safe material options are cloth, cardboard, wooden urns, transparent glass, or plastic.

Avoid using stone, granite, ceramics, or metal and consider putting the remains in a plastic bag in the urn to help with proper scanning and meet requirements.

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Cremation services in Columbia, MD, are an effective way to honor an individual once they have passed on, and if you need help in pre-arrangements, we are here to assist. We understand the pain of loss and what it takes to create a truly thoughtful and memorable event for all our clients, so if you require services, contact us today or visit our location for a more personal touch.