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Veteran Memorial Ideas

Honoring the Veteran in Your Life Is Easier With These Popular Ideas

Do you need to plan funeral or cremation services in Columbia, MD, for a veteran in your life? Even a standard memorial can feel like a complicated experience to organize, and when you need to honor someone who served in the military, there are some extra details you can include. Finding what feels appropriate is critical, so here are just a few ways to commemorate their military career.

Bury Them in Uniform

For many individuals, their uniform signifies their devotion to their military career. It’s also seen as a tradition. The uniform represents the honor and pride the individual felt with their service, which will stay with them until they pass away. If the loved one did not request this, consider if it feels like the appropriate choice because this can be a very personal decision.

Have an Open Mic

Open mikes are another great way to celebrate the loved one, mainly if there are individuals that served alongside them in their career. Having guests share their experiences and memories about the individual can be a significant way to create a truly memorable experience.

Create a Video Tribute

Video tributes have been growing in popularity and for a good reason. They offer an opportunity to combine images and video footage with helping offer a glimpse into the individual’s life. If your veteran had a lot of pictures and content that could be connected, this is another way to honor their experience and highlight their legacy.

Set Up a Display

Finding a way to display your veteran’s life is another excellent option to add to the event. Creating areas throughout the venue that have uniforms, metals, accomplishments, and photos can all be turned into unique styles of exhibits to help give others some insight into all the ways that they served their country.

Include a Flag Ceremony

Flag ceremonies are another great way to commemorate the individual’s devotion to their military career. Having the flag draped over the casket or setting up for a traditional flag ceremony or both options make the event more meaningful.

Incorporate Their Civilian Life

The individual’s civilian life is as important as their military career, and it can be a thoughtful gesture to include this in the services. Highlighting different experiences, including:

  • Close relationships they had
  • Achievements or awards from education or work
  • Hobbies or interests they pursued
  • Volunteer work or causes they supported
  • Information about where they grew up and lived

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If the veteran in your life was unique and non-traditional, you could consider finding alternate options to make the ceremony feel more authentic. Consider having a celebration of life as opposed to a memorial or incorporating more personalization can help create a sense of connection to them.

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