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What do you do When you Cannot Attend a Funeral?

Services are held for the deceased’s loved ones at funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, regularly. It’s a traditional event that takes place for individuals to say their goodbyes. They can be emotionally charged experiences, and there may be times when you may not be available to attend. This can bring up feelings such as guilt or fear of judgment, but there are situations when it is acceptable not to go.

What are the Attendance Rules?

There may be specific rules or customs that need to be followed depending on the family. Most individuals know that not everyone will attend, so here is the etiquette we recommend you follow.

When you Should Go

There are a few situations when you should do everything you can to attend, and these are:

  • if you are an immediate relative
  • if you are close friends with someone immediately related
  • being able to get off work and afford the travel cost

Because the event isn’t necessarily about the loved one who’s passed away, it’s about showing support for the family. So generally, if any of these apply, then it is recommended that you attend out of respect, and it helps the family to know they are supported.

When you can Skip it

There are times when it is appropriate not to attend the event. Situations can vary, so taking into account when it would be wise not to go is also advised.

  • you are unable to schedule time off
  • going to the event will be too expensive
  • being there can upset the family
  • the event was made private
  • family or work-related obligations around the events time that cannot be changed

A few things to ask yourself is, will you be upset that you didn’t go? And is not going the right choice for you? Most individuals understand that life can be complicated, and it may be okay if you miss the event.

Alternatives to Attending

There are some alternatives if you are unable or decided not to go. One kind gesture is to call the family and offer support; this lets them know if they need anything, you are available. Another alternative is to send flowers. Culturally they can offer the symbolism of your presence without you physically being there. Another option is to send a card expressing your sympathy. Writing a note of remembrance about the loved one or kind words is always encouraged.funeral homes serving Clarksburg, MD

It is Never Easy

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to not attending one of these functions. The situation is all based on the families’ feelings, which will help make your decision an easier one.

Snowden Funeral Home understands how painful it is to lose a loved one. So if you need to look at funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, we want you to know that we are here to help. Let our expert team guide you through the process to help you create a beautiful end-of-life ceremony for your loved one.