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Ways to Let People Know a Loved one Has Passed Away

Having a loved one pass away can be overwhelming if you are the only one available for planning. From setting up the cremation service in Silver Spring, MD., to making the announcements, it might be confusing on what to do. You may be feeling obligated to announce to others and feel overwhelmed because you do not know how people will react. Some key factors can help the process.

It is best to have a plan before approaching people with news of a loss. One starting place is to ask them to sit down before informing them. The information may be overwhelming, and for those you have to make a phone call to, like far away family or friends, having them sit will lessen the impact if they are taken off guard by the loss and react strongly. Calling is highly recommended over texting due to the individual’s vulnerability. It keeps an open line of communication if they have questions and establishes a connection between you for future conversation.

Another option is to send an email online, but some may find that to be an insensitive method depending on the person. If there are many people to inform, you want to have a plan to know that everyone has been reached. Ensuring you are fully present with the individual is the priority, so shutting off your phone and avoiding any outside distractions will avert interruptions. Also, having a private space to let them know is appropriate if they are embarrassed by their reaction.

What is Appropriate to Say to the Individuals?

No one is ever really ready to lose someone they love, so making sure you have enough time with them while letting them know is essential. Leaving the conversation uncomplicated and straightforward can be helpful and using specific terms will allow them to process the information more accessible. Resist saying things like, “they are in a better place now,” because it can feel demeaning of their emotions and sound confusing, mainly speaking to children.

Avoiding making promises in the moment that you might think is helping them can lead to them losing trust in your words. Being open and honest about what has happened may not feel easy, but it is necessary not to hide anything to prevent things that may come up later on.

Getting the Support you Need

cremation service in Silver Spring, MDOne of the biggest things you can do is offer enough time to be fully present as they take in the information and process feelings. They may need to be alone, kind words, or physical touch to help them as you inform them. And being mindful that you also might need support to process feelings after letting them know is imperative.

Arranging the appropriate cremation services or funeral home services in Silver Spring, MD., is complicated just by itself, but our compassionate staff is here to support you. We always recommend that being mindful of your feelings through the process to heal is a priority.