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What is an Urn?

Urns are a particular purchase that will happen when you plan cremation services or funeral homes in Columbia, MD. You could be experiencing some confusion around what an urn is used for and where you start with finding the right one for your loved ones remains. The urn is a receptacle for the deceased ashes; and will become a permanent container to hold them. There are some biodegradable alternatives on the market depending on the service you are planning, but here is some more information on your choices.

Urn Options and Cost

The urn can vary and run from $50 into the thousands depending on how extravagant you want the receptacle to be. There are different sizes available so knowing the dimensions of what your needs are is a priority.


A standard-sized urn should hold around 200 cubic inches. This equates out to about the size of an average adult. But there is a smaller alternative called a keepsake urn. These urns are made for pets or children and when the family members are sharing the ashes.


These urns are made to promote keeping loved ones together even after they have passed on. These come in two options; the first is what word is large enough to hold two individual remains—the second consists of two separate urns that can sit together on the same foundation.


Another option since you have the loved one’s remains turned into a piece of art or a specialized piece of jewelry so they can carry them with them wherever they go. You can use these as keepsakes, and there is an option for turning the ashes into a wearable manufactured diamond.


You can use various kinds of materials, including bronze, ceramic, gold, marble, and these are just a few. You should choose based on personal preference, and if you are planning on burying the container, check with your cemetery to see if there are any regulations on materials.

Other Considerations

Another thing to look at is the size that is required. Typically, online sellers will provide the cubic meters or the specific weight that can fit in the container. The shape is also a consideration, with the standard being broader at the top and narrower at the bottom. Also, some people looking variety of unique urn ideas perfect for your loved one. With all the options available on the market now, you can have almost any shape created that you feel is appropriate. cremation services in Columbia, MD

Making the Right Choice 

Your last steps would be to consider the purpose of whether it’s a long-term fit or temporary. Also, if you’re going to have the remains at the service for the loved one and where you will store it. You may need to ensure the contents are sealed to prevent spills, or you may have to take into consideration purchasing a biodegradable urn if you’re planning on burying them.

No matter the situation, Snowden Funeral Home is here to help you with all your cremation services in Columbia, MD. We understand the difficulty of planning these events and want to help make your experience more manageable with our compassionate care and support.