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Ideas for Funeral Memorial Tokens

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly painful experience, and if you are planning all the details for the event, you want to try to personalize it as much as possible to make it a truly memorable event. Once you have scheduled the date and time for the service at one of the funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, you can start picking out decorations, and other aspects, including a keepsake that you can offer individuals at the event; here are a few ideas.

Favor Ideas 


Charms are just one option to choose from, and there are multiple shapes, sizes, and materials available on the market that you can make completely personalized. Whether it is meant to place on a key ring or as a simple token that’s placed inside a bag with a customized note, these can be meaningful items individuals can hold onto and carry with them.


Matches can come in handy in various situations, and this is one item that can also be personalized as a keepsake. You can add photos and any text appropriate around the individual, especially if there’s going to be a candlelight vigil at the service.

Seed Packets

If the individual loved to garden or plants and flowers, you could consider personalizing some seed packets. The standard option is to place the individuals named on the packet and to choose a flower such as forget me nots or sunflower seeds can also be a great option.

Tea Infusers

For the tea lover, some companies specialize in creating heart-shaped infusers that make excellent funeral favors. Not only are they one of the more affordable options on the market, but they can be personalized with a note offering an in memory of statement.


In the situation that the individual loved to read, you might consider purchasing bookmarks infused with seeds that can be planted. These can be adorned with any phrases such as a poem that was near and dear to the loved one, and they serve two purposes not only for those who are readers but those who are gardeners.


One of the last suggestions is to create a candle with phrases such as rest and peace or in loving memory and then include the individual’s name in writing. This can be an excellent choice, especially if a candle lighting ceremony is scheduled for the event.

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The funeral or cremation services can be one of the more painful aspects of laying a loved one to rest, so offering a token to help others remember the beauty of the individual can be a welcome gift. With all the different funeral homes in Clarksburg, MD, it may feel confusing on who to choose. You want to find a company that you know you can count on to offer the highest quality compassionate care on the market, and we are here to help. We take great pride in streamlining our services to meet all of our clients’ needs, so if you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today.